5 stupid questions that scientists still answered

Science is needed to ensure that no question remained without otvetnaya — that's fine. She answers those questions for which we seek an answer I never would have thought. However, sometimes it is beyond some to seek answers would be optional, and I have lost nothing. For example:

1. Is it possible to go with a full mug of coffee and not spill it?

No matter what you are working on a loader or a CEO. If you have to Wake up early in the morning, it is unlikely that you can do without a dose of caffeine to somehow function in the morning. To many it doesn't has poured coffee at work. The problem is that transporting the precious elixir to the workplace, whether close Cabinet or the laboratory inside the volcano, is almost as difficult as walking a tightrope — the coffee's hot!

That's why, two physics, University of California, Santa Barbara Ruslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer finally said "how long?" and pooled their efforts to answer the age-old question: how can I walk from the kitchen to the workplace with a full mug of coffee and not spill it?

To unravel this mystery, physicists have collected data and conducted experiments. They studied the movement of people with circles, traffic circles and the movement of liquid in the Cup. They found that coffee normally spills between the seventh and tenth step, and concluded: the man in this moment you should change your pace, so that the liquid is not spilled.

It was necessary to carry a mug with coffee, while not shedding a drop. The first method, proposed by physicists, is to go slowly, although most people try to go fast, believing that the faster you deliver, the less likely to spill the drink. The second way is to look at the Cup and not on your feet, as this allows us to monitor the condition of the liquid in the Cup and time to take action, if you know that coffee's going to spill.

But the third way is better — it is necessary to pour coffee at a Cup, inside which there is a series of edge rings. Something similar can be seen in the fuel tanks — they are doing so for the stabilization of the fuel inside the missiles.

So, to recap: go as slowly as possible, paying no attention to where you're going and looking at a mug, which looks like something in the fuel tank will not spill a drop of precious caffeine.

2. What is the chance to take a group photo so that no one blinked?

Try to find a photograph of a few strangers smiling on the camera. Or friends, it doesn't matter — the important thing is that at the moment they are doing a group shot for posterity. Can open your own photo album and view your photos. Please pay special attention to the eyes of people — surely someone screwed up, batting at the very moment when the photographer pressed the button. Well, of course! It is a harsh fact of life for a group photo at least one person will blink or squint.

Photographer Nick Svenson and physicist piers Barnes decided to find out the reason why people blink during group photos and how to avoid it? To begin with, the researchers calculated the average number morgovsky people, she is ten. Since a blink lasts on average 250 milliseconds and the there is an average of eight milliseconds, the probability that one person will ruin the photo equal to the number of people posing for a snapshot of people multiplied by the duration of time for which the photographer takes a picture.

For those who skipped the math, explain that to understand how much time you need to photograph, so no one blinked, we need to divide the total number of people in group three-that is, if you 12, the need to photograph all four times, and then you will have high chance to get an untainted picture. If you are photographing in dim lighting, then divide by two and take six photographs.

But the formula only works if a group has less than 20 people. If you have more, then forget about any formula nothing will help you, the sure to be spoiled. Say — nonsense? No, math.

3. Useful if there are snot from the nose?

Professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan Scott Napper thought a lot about snot and eating them. It seems to be a serious person, Professor, this should be worried about more important things — but it's true. Napper argues that there are important biological reasons why kids eat their snot. And no, Nepper not just fooling around — he conducted a study and wrote an article about it, he's a professional, after all.

As Napper told the students, the mucus in the nose is needed to delay pathogenic microbes that are in the air so the germs do not enter the body. Thrusting in the mouth of these pathogens, children learn their structure, learn what toxic things floating around them and thus strengthen their immune system. Napper also noted that nasal fluids possess a sweet, sugary taste, which can be a sign that the body tells us to eat them, not throw it away.

4. Loves me is my dog?

Dr. Miho Nagasawa came up with a way to define the emotions of the dog not the tail, and the face. You may think that a dog muzzle can only take one silly expression, but scientists have attached to the animal's sensors and found that the facial expressions of dogs there are significant differences — if the dog is happy to see you, the expression is one thing, but if your Slippers is another.

Researchers placed dogs in front of the transparent partition and connected sensors. If before there was a dog owner, the dog lifted his left eyebrow up, but if it was a stranger, she pulled back the left ear. If the dog saw something that she does not like, for example, nail clippers or a vacuum cleaner, then pulled back his right ear. In General, the facial expressions of the dog, as it turned out, is a complicated dance of eyebrows and ears.

So, scientists are convinced that dogs react differently to different symptoms. But it was still not enough, and they set up another experiment, which examined the emotional and biological connection between dog and owner.

The basic element for analysis is urine. After examining the urine of dog owners after they just talked with their Pets, the researchers found elevated levels of oxytocin, which is sometimes called the "bonding hormone" because it is in large quantities produced by the mother's body to communicate with a newborn. But that's not all: Swedish researchers found oxytocin in dog urine. In General, the love is completely mutual.

5. Why do women get cold more?

Researchers from the University of Utah conducted a study to prove once and for all that women are cold is stronger than men. Scientists believed that the temperature of women, probably a little lower, but the opposite is true — the body temperature in women just a little higher.

Then why it is women, not men, constantly complain that they're cold? Although women on average warmer, their hands are much colder than men. The temperature of the hands of the average male is approximately 32,2°C, and women — only 30.6°C.

This means that women think that they are cold, even if it is not. What is most interesting, it has no direct relationship to the floor and is more to do with the ratio of body fat and body size. A number of studies have shown that men and women have roughly the same body temperature, but women have a coefficient of heat accumulation of fat in the body higher than that of men, but in the hands, on the contrary, such less fat.

Here it is — the balance of the sexes. So the next time your wife complains of a cold, tell her that her cheat on her hands, but in fact it should not freeze, because her body is warmer than yours. And let's see what she will do to you. All for the sake of science, of course.


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