The eco-friendly solar drying for products with their hands

We offer you the option of solar drying, which does not consume electricity.

Many of us are already using drying for food for the winter. Drying is much more environmentally friendly freezing as the fridge and the freezer consume too much energy throughout the storage period of products.

Modern dryers are very efficient and fast, but they also work on electricity. Let's look at a simple compact dryer, which can be done by hand at home.

Here is the front view. The cover is made of polycarbonate sheet. Made ledge at the bottom for water drainage. Bottom and back panel is covered with black plastic.

This is the side view. Again, the side is covered with a protective layer of polycarbonate. The height of the side panels (61 cm) width (71 cm). The shelves are staggered, so each shelf gets a little direct sunlight.

Products on the top shelf tend to dry quicker, so I often shuffle them up, when the top layer dries out. I forgot to take a picture shelf, but they are mostly rectangular wooden construction with a plastic mesh.

Shelves go on wooden skids and is easily stretched through the back door.

Here is the back panel. She (61 cm) and height (64cm) wide. In the rear wall made the ventilation gap height of 6 cm and is covered with cloth.

The same opening is in the front below the polycarbonate sheet.

The essence of the ventilation openings is very simple. During drying, the warm air rises and exits at the rear doorway, and the cold front is drawn at the bottom. This creates a good airflow for drying products.

The only problem I ever had was ants, but it was solved by the presence of moats around each leg, which they can't climb. You can use the inverted cans medium size, which you need to put under the legs. You can still use large water containers. Leg height 15 cm

I hope this is enough to get you started on your own project solar drying is a dehydrator. I like it and the products it dry for 1-2 days, and gland, it uses free energy and reduces the harmful effects on the planet.


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