The border collie to patrol the beach

A new study by the University of Central Michigan showed that the dog breed border collies are excellent for repelling gulls from public beaches. The shore of the Great lakes a long time can not be called clean – expanding population of gulls spoiling the water and sand with their droppings containing E. coli. In addition, birds steal food from tourists and attacks on children, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Herding dog the border collie proved to be the safest way to clean the beach from pesky and dangerous birds. Two dogs involved in the experiment had worked dispersing geese on runways of a military airfield. They scare away birds, while not causing them harm. Comparing indicators of bacterial contamination the two beaches, one of which was patrolled by dogs, and the second no, the scientists saw that the struggle with the gulls was successful.

The problem is that the gulls are rare birds, so to clean up the beaches of their presence to the most carefully. Border collie resemble coyotes, the only natural enemy of gulls, and they love their job, making these dogs the perfect sanitation of the beach.



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