TOP 5 most intelligent dog breeds

        5. Doberman Pinscher. Many people think that this breed is stupid. But it's not just Dobermans need to be trained, otherwise you get a bad dog that will do what you want.

To train dogs of this breed is necessary, otherwise their brilliant mind will go on no less outstanding tricks. Very active dogs who can protect his master, if he can give her a lot of attention.

        4. Golden Retriever. He has a lot in common with the Labrador Retriever but Golden Retriever is smarter than that. This dog is family and so it is. Retrievers are very good, they are like kids, they understand everything on the fly and can very quickly learn.

        3. German shepherd. In fact, German shepherds and nothing special to say — everything is clear and true. Representatives of this breed was filmed in many movies.

        2. Poodles. Unbelievable, but true. In fact, poodles are very smart and can't just jump in the circus, showing tricks. Early poodles were rescue workers, and observers. They know how to swim and you can help a drowning person.

        1. Border collie. Dog handlers all over the world call this breed the most intelligent. These dogs are not slackers, they like to work. About the border collie is sometimes said that dogs of this breed live to work.
Very easily trained, friendly, love children. In General, can be useful everywhere as a security guard and as a nanny, and just like home a good dog. In our country these dogs are not very common, but their popularity is growing.

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