Tale of hedgehogs (which smoked afftor?)))

Once hedgehogs decided to go on the tour. In hell. Everyone knows that there is no hell. But that did not stop hedgehogs. Hedgehogs - Well they are strong. And with needles. If something is not found in nature - it is not a hindrance. Anyway found. Worse tax. Those people though, it is something you can explain, cry on his shoulder. And these - the beasts. They do not care.

The knock on the gates of hell. Hell, in charge of the entrance, he slapped his leg a tail, and pulled the flap viewing window.
 - Who's there? - He asked sleepily. And he startled. Beyond the gate was empty.
 - Hedgehogs - answered him from the bottom
 - What are hedgehogs? - I did not understand shit.
 - On tour.
 - What other tour? - Damn nervous.
 - Visibility. In Hell, - he said from behind the door.
 - Why do you tour? - Surprised the hell.
 - Nada - evasive answers hedgehogs.
 - And we have lunch - happy hell. - So close. Anyway, today is not a day excursion. And a week. And then mesyats.- thought, scratched his head tail.
 - And a year! - He added. And I shut the window.
 - We do not care Let us enter, - warned hedgehogs. - You would be better in a good, open.
 - Never! You will not come! Our goal is not just even dynamite will take!
 - Well, it depends on the quantity of dynamite - was told at the gate.

... When the hell was flying through the air, it is very, very uncivilized expressed. But it was too late.

In the ruins of Hell hedgehogs running around and taking pictures. The few surviving devils sitting on the ruins and quietly pitied sinners. They understood that hell is just beginning. And this time it will be present. After hedgehogs not tolerate half-measures, and to all treated very seriously.


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