Scientists have studied the causes of pancreatic cancer

In the new study, researchers at the University of Glasgow found that genes are one of the main causes of pancreatic cancer.

To get a more complete picture of the clinical features of inherited and non-inherited forms of the disease, Scottish doctors have studied 766 patients who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The patient has the genetic predisposition, if it had one or more relatives first-degree relatives with this disease.

Nearly 9 percent of patients who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer had at least one parent, brother or sister who was also diagnosed with this type of disease. When the researchers examined the pancreas tissue adjacent to the tumor, in all of the study participants, they found more pre-cancerous tissue in those whose relatives first-degree relatives also had pancreatic cancer. Scientists found that members of these families were at a higher risk of developing other types of disease, including melanoma and endometrial cancer. It is important to note that active Smoking young age has also been associated with the diagnosis in all patients.

Dr Andrew Biankin: "These results are important because they show that genes inherited from parents play a significant role in the development of pancreatic cancer. Second, they emphasize that when assessing individual risk, it is important to assess not just family history, but other malignant tumors. Finally, our findings highlight the importance of Smoking cessation".


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