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Ten advantages gives the washing of: clarity of mind, freshness, vivacity, health, strength, beauty, youth, purity, nice skin color and attention of beautiful women.Ayurveda

Warm water weakens and pampers, cold bathing — strengthens, builds and promotes the healthy development of the body. © S. Kneipp

Taking a shower or bath that we clean first? Skin. What kind of authority? What are his tasks? What happens to the human body if the skin can not cope with them?

The word takes skin

I'm not a simple wrapper, indicating the boundaries of the physical body and protects internal organs from aggressive external environment. I'm primarily a link between the external and the internal, between the outside world and all the organs and systems of my body. I have direct contact with the outside world and provide the brain with information about his condition at a special information channel — the sense of touch. For those bereft of sight and hearing (remember Helen Keller), this channel of interaction with the world is especially significant.

The Central nervous system I have very close ties: in the early stages of the formation of the embryo in the womb we are one (skin, nerves and brain of the embryo develop from one germinal leaf — ectoderm) and remain interconnected and interdependent throughout life.

From the environment I draw not only information, but also oxygen, and are therefore pornoprowrestling body.

I also actively help the kidneys in their noble work to cleanse the body. Blood vessels deliver me from its depths soluble substances and gases, become unnecessary, and sometimes dangerous. Through the sweat and sebaceous glands, and the smallest pores on my surface stand out carbon dioxide, ammonia, iodine, bromine, the products of nitrogen metabolism (urea), salts, etc.

Especially noticeable my help the kidneys during the disease, when the body is dominated by the processes of decay and the amount of harmful substances enormously increased. You yourself noticed that the sick person sweats a lot and his sweat has a characteristic odor.

But I not only help the body to get rid of the disease. I try not to let by producing a substance detrimental to the "uninvited guests". Because of that, I still called the "tomb of the microbes".

But clearly and effectively interact with the world — to perceive, to breathe, to clear, to protect — I can only when I clean, that is when my binding channels are free and open. Then the entire body of a free and open — free from superfluous and harmful, and opened necessary and useful. Being dirty, I work in the "nothing to admit and nothing to release", and the body is in isolation from the life-giving substances and energies which are alone with their own inner dirt.

In this case, the organs, cleansing the body of toxins (kidneys, liver, lungs, lymph nodes, intestines), lays additional burden which they can not cope. In the end, a failure occurs in the work of all other organs and systems, directly with the purification not related. And internal chaos grows, like a snowball.

The word takes water

I just wash off the dirt from the surface of the skin, especially effective with a washcloth.

But... Rushing to the surface of the skin, the blood brings the inner deposits of dirt, and freed from congestion of the pores and ducts of the glands actively removes out from the body. Massage located on the skin of numerous biologically active points energizes the nervous system (including brain), as well as all the internal organs (each of which has on the skin its "mission"), stimulating and harmonizing them. Mine seems to be the surface action on the matter is deep and complete cleansing of the whole body.

And so what kind of procedures you prefer — the choice is yours. Most importantly for a cleansing and a bit of imagination. My advice: do not shower or bathe in a purely mechanical manner. Imagine that along with the accumulated daily dirt I wash away from you the physical and psychological fatigue, pain, irritation, and you will definitely feel relieved and energized.

And now a little more about two proven and effective methods of cleansing water.

Contrasting treatments

The alternation of hot and cold water, directing the blood to the skin, to internal organs, promotes better washing away of all unnecessary and it opens the blood vessels making them more flexible and passable.

And douche or bath, and just hot bathing is recommended to complete the cold water. As prolonged exposure to hot water hardens the skin, but leaving the pores open and the vessels are dilated, making it more sensitive to cold. Cold water, on the contrary, closes the pores and firms the skin.

Dousing with cold water

This is an extremely effective way of cleansing the physical and energy body. It is practiced by the monks of Japan and Tibet. It is an important element of wonderful Wellness system of P. K. Ivanova. The main condition — the quick and sudden impact of cold water (colder the better) from all over the body. You can dive into the pond with his head down, you can stand under the waterfall, but the most available — just pour from the bucket or basin. (The effect of the soul weaker, as the jets of water have time to warm up.) After the short cold burn feeling heat comes, and with it all symptoms of awakening (joy, activity, lightness, flexibility, etc.). And exactly the same awakening occurs in this moment and within the body. Dramatically increasing blood flow to organs and tissues and excretion of waste, and free from dirt's intensive recovery of defective structures.

But people have noticed that pouring not only restores patency of blood vessels and normalizes the blood flows. The main effect of cold douches is very first and foremost is the impact on the energy body, which also has its vascular channels. Their patency depends directly on the energy well-being, and hence physical health of the body concerned. People who are able to perceive the energy body, see after pouring recover its shape and size, renewed energy flow, heal wounds. And, as a consequence, stimulates the regeneration of cells and organs of the physical body.

Some useful tips

1. Don't be afraid to get sick! If you are afraid, use another method of cleansing water, good selection of wide.

2. Before pouring a good heat the body. Can a hot bath, but better — exercise. Otherwise, your body will be afraid, and pouring will become ineffective, if not harmful.

3. Spill head.

4. After pouring you can't dry off, and make (preferably in the active movement) of the air bath. Natural drying has a favorable effect on the skin.

5. Do not treat douche as an unpleasant but necessary procedure ("tolerated, maybe better"). Spill with pleasure, but without fanaticism. Listen to yourself — if the body resisted desperately, miss "session".

In conclusion, I repeat: cleaning yourself with water, we are constantly, daily restored communication, both within ourselves and with the world around us.

In the biography of Leonardo da Vinci described the following case: a boy who is at the festival portrayed the Golden age, painted with gold paint and then in the confusion forgot to wash it. The child died because he stopped breathing with the skin

The area of the skin of 1.5–2 m2. Total weight — 2-3 kg. On the surface of the skin sweat is 2 million and about 250 000 of the sebaceous glands.

Water treatments greatly enhance the cleansing capacity of the skin. So, four-hour stay in the bath with a temperature of comfort, replaces a single session of hemodialysis (intrarenal blood purification with the use of artificial kidney).

According to calculations by the American microbiologist T. Rosebery, on the surface of the body there are 15 trillion microbes. Only clean, healthy, moist, elastic skin may successfully resist such a massive onslaught.

The dirt on the human skin contains, of course, an external component (e.g., street dust), but mostly the product of his own "production" — the secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands and end-of-age of dead cells (slidenum epithelium). These products not only smell bad and clog the pores and ducts of glands, they also "tidbit" for microbes.

The law of antagonism in the circulation of Dastra and Mora: cold treatments constrict blood vessels of the skin and dilate the blood vessels abdominal cavity. Warm, on the contrary, dilates blood vessels of the skin and tightens the abdominal vessels.

It has long been believed that water gives life, youth, wisdom and immortality. In primitive cultures it was often used in healing rituals. The Cherokee, for example, lay the man into the water, allowing the flowing water to heal him.

The first information about hydrotherapy came to us from the Indian epic the rig Veda (1500 BC). From Egypt the method of water treatment in Greece had Pythagoras, and the doctor Asclepiad to Rome.

In the medical Canon of Avicenna is mentioned as a treatment.

In the middle ages, hygiene, water-related, were rejected as demonic. In the late fifteenth century Queen Isabella of Spain Castile admitted that his whole life washed only twice: at birth and on the day of the wedding. Louis XIV issued a special decree, which ordered when visiting the court is not to feel sorry for strong spirits to their flavor drowned out the stench from the bodies and clothes.

In the nineteenth century, the use of therapeutic water treatments reached an unprecedented scale. Not without its oddities. For example, the patients were instructed to sit in a bath for 10 days; to drink 80 glasses of mineral water to be in the pool not only during the day and night. And in order to diversify such a long stay in the water in the pool was placed floating tables with snacks.

Pure skin — a necessary condition for physical health. The converse is also true: any violation in the work of the internal organs is reflected on the skin. This is a long-time based method of diagnosing diseases. In the diagnosis of attention was paid to skin color and it has a rash, pimples, freckles, moles, warts, dryness, irritation. published


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