5 recipes to treat inflammation of the kidneys

The fight against various inflammations of the kidney are often stretched for quite a long period. This serious disease usually requires a serious attitude to your body. Kidney problems are often accompanied with very severe pain. Among the most frequent types of diseases can be mentioned pyelonephritis and Pioneros.


Symptoms of inflammation of the kidneys characterized by a sharp increase in body temperature, headache, severe fever. In addition, many patients complain of excessive sweating. A person experiences severe discomfort, not only when sweating from the heat, but when cold. It is often pronounced significant pain during any urination.

It should be noted that for almost any inflammation of the kidneys along with the main symptoms characteristic of the uniform sensations of pain in the limbs, muscles and joints. In some cases manifested a notable tension of smooth muscles in the abdomen and pain in the lumbar. Also frequent companions of this disease is nausea and vomiting. With the genitourinary system observed very often during the day the urge to urinate, however, this process is quite painful. In the analysis of urine can detect the cereal.

The most common cause of kidney problems is considered severe hypothermia. Vasoconstriction provokes disturbances in the functioning renal tissue directly. Often inflammation of the kidneys in humans and occurs on the background of reduced immunity. To get rid of this disease, you can refer to the traditional pharmacological drugs, and it is possible to restore the kidneys through traditional medicine.

Recipe No. 1. Corn silk are ideal for the treatment of kidney disease. They are also effective in hypertension and is swelling. Don't forget that during the treatment of various traditional methods it is necessary to limit fluid intake and to completely eliminate the use of salt.

To prepare a medicinal infusion of normal corn ryltsev take 1 tbsp of this herb, pour her a full glass of boiling water. You then put the mixture on fire and boil for about 20 minutes on low heat. Then insist the resulting tool about half an hour, and then filtered. This unique infusion is recommended to be taken every 3 hours for 2 tbsp

Recipe №2. In case of serious inflammation of the kidneys can be used bearberry. This herb is otherwise called bear ears. For making a perfect diuretic with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of 1 tbsp. l. grass will need 1 Cup of boiling water. The resulting mixture should be keep in a water bath for at least half an hour. Then the resulting infusion is cooled and filtered. Bring volume up to 250 grams. This is a great way to divide into equal 4 parts and be sure to drink for the day in equal portions.

Recipe No. 3. When kidney disease are accompanied by cystitis, it can be recommended to use yarrow. This herb has excellent astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Must pour 2 tsp of yarrow 250ml of boiling water. Then push the mixture to not less than one hour. After straining, the infusion is ready, divide into equal portions and drink throughout the day.

Recipe No. 4. In the treatment of pyelonephritis are shown special herbal infusion. You will need 5 pieces of flax seed, be sure to 1 part strawberry leaves, 2 parts of birch leaves and 2 parts nettle. The grass should be well crushed. Components should be thoroughly mixed, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour one full Cup of boiling water. For two hours means it is advisable to insist in a warm dark place. Before receiving the infusion of sure strain. An adult is allowed to drink 1 or 2 glasses.

Optimal treatment course is not more than one month. It is not recommended to skip techniques such infusion since treatment of the kidneys is always a long one, it should be treated very conscientiously.

Recipe №5. Good effect with prolonged treatment renal and gives another infusion on the basis of a combination of several herbs at a time. You should take equal parts of motherwort herb, root and rose hips, common tricolor violet, horsetail and St. John's wort. The resulting collection is advised to take 8 times a day.

To prepare the remedy you need to pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture Cup boiling water, be sure to boil on very low heat for about 15 minutes, and then thoroughly cool and strain. The course of treatment is approximately 6 months, with the use of infusion was carried out for one month, followed by a week break.

In addition to taking people's money inside, in the treatment of kidney shows the various baths with the use of horsetail, sage, knotweed, and birch leaves. Long-term treatment herbs will greatly facilitate the patient's condition.



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