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A fundamentally new product

The creation of an entirely new product, obviously, especially difficult way: you have no sample, business model that can be repeated — so you have to rebuild the expensive business of trial and error. At the same time with proper conduct of the business is the best choice to become successful in the international market: you have no competitors, but there is a huge number of potential customers.

X-Cart soon became successful in the US because it was the first e-Commerce platform in PHP in the world. Platform Ecwid was the first full-featured storefront that is inserted into any website as a widget. The technology is so convenient and demanded that Ecwid has quickly become popular in Western markets in the US, it has now been translated into different languages, used in 175 countries.

Ability to solve a problem that nobody before you could decide it is Important to understand that, you may have to first prove that it is in principle possible to decide, that is, to work not under the order. And have your unique proposal will bolster the demand. This item probably refers to the business connected with the scientific field. For example, the leading Russian scientific graphics Studio, animation, modeling and Visual Science immediately gained worldwide recognition after its employees were able to solve important biomedical imaging and science task — carried out the world's first successful attempt to create a complete scientifically reliable model of the HIV virus with atomic detail. This model is now part of the presentation of the Nobel laureates and leading textbooks in the world. The approach proved versatile and allowed us to create models and larger, more complex viruses, such as influenza A/H1N1 and even a giant by the standards of the Ebola virus.

Understanding of the domestic market Aviasales Company began to actively develop his brand Jetradar, when I realized that in a country with much greater population mobility than in Russia, no serious search service. "Success in our case is the best global organizational practices and the localization of marketing. Coming to a new region, you need to review proven approaches — and the communication with the consumer (for example, in our Thai Instagram nearly half of the photographs is food and recommendations of where to go to eat), and partnerships," says Maxim Kraynov, CEO of Jetradar. Therefore, choosing a new place to start, look closely: what you're used to in your home region, can give quite the opposite effect.

Understanding the key benefits If your product is not innovative, to enter the market, which is saturated, makes sense only if you understand what will be your key advantage against other players.

Ruslan Fazlyev, Ecwid's CEO: "the Majority of Russian companies that are unable to enter the Western market, are unable to do this for a simple reason. They conceptual — clones of successful Western solutions. In Russia, they succeed only as long as parents aren't home". There are special tools for tracking your competitors (SpyWords, SemanticForce, BrandSpotter, Advse etc.). Also, according to specialists, it makes sense to subscribe to the Twitter of your competitors, their page in Facebook and other networks. Carefully watching the world's leaders in the field and analyzing their steps, you will realize that you can offer your business in this field.

For example, LinguaLeo is the service for studying English — was able to take a place on the international market, despite the over-saturation of the market learning of foreign languages and the fact that the service is created by a Russian developer.

Aynur Abdulnasyrov, CEO Lingualeo: When we were developing the service, we studied all that is happening in the world on the topic of language learning to understand what our product can be unique. We have two competitive advantages: the opportunity to immerse themselves in a multimedia content for language learning (i.e. to learn the language in songs, books) and gamification, which also increases interest and encourages the user to continue training.

Recognition of experts If there is a need to develop in two markets at the same time, in the Internet era, it is reasonable to start from the West. Some products are just too good to be accepted by a broad audience at home — people need time to understand what they have to offer. For example, the field of 3D graphics and animation, specializing in science, has long existed in America and Europe. In Russia, the company Visual Science did not exist as such in this niche, so to get the attention of a local customer was more difficult than the West.

Visual Science's CEO Ivan Konstantinov: "it Is necessary to go top-down and first to get to the top without spending time "downstairs", of course, if the level of the project or product allows. If you write to The New York Times (or also, for example, in our field Science — the most authoritative scientific journal in the world), then you write and all the rest.

The correct positioning Sometimes makes sense initially to position itself as an international company. This is not for any business, but, for example, in the field of electronic education it can be a key success factor.

Aynur Abdulnasyrov, LinguaLeo's CEO: "When we decided to enter the Turkish market, it was important to position the company as international rather than Russian because it was about teaching English. There would be additional complexity c, the need to explain how a Russian company can teach English."

Scalability of the business According to Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner of Runa Capital, "a sign that the company can successfully enter the global market, is the scalability of its technology or business. Such a company must have the prospect to grow into a $100-million business, because to take up to 10% of the market is real. Simple calculation: market start-up should be value at least $1 billion, and it is only the global market, the United States or several countries."

A large network of contacts around the world for those companies that have a long history. For example, the same success Runa Capital international venture Fund, according to Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner, was due to the fact that the company from before the Foundation of the Foundation had successfully launched international companies and a large network of contacts around the world.

For young service companies operating under the order, is especially important to maintain communication with their customers. Western businessmen are very sensitive to the presence of feedback on cooperation with a particular firm. published

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