How to create a patio in the Bohemian style

In this article, we consider the example of a very nice patio which was spent relatively little time and effort.

The usual design on stilts and four pillars for the construction of the canopy in the form of pergolas. Plus, you need only the Foundation for the pillars, mattress, pillows and decor items.

For example, the pots that hung here was taken from the old barn, where lay idle. The pillow cases went tissue remains, and only half of them had to buy.

The woven bowl is ideal for serving food from the kitchen and gathering fruit and vegetables from our own garden. It's so nice to go sit on the patio and, seeing far away in the bushes already red tomatoes, to go to collect them, only taking a bowl.

On this patio there is also and outdoor shower, which is set in the far corner. The plot was lucky, as it is not in contact with others in this place, and goes into the woods. Of course, the outdoor shower is not required for a patio, just here decided to combine both designs to waste less wood.




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