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I'm a surgeon, all my life I operate on patients. And I've seen what you can't see ordinary people. The person does not have such a body that would not suffer from ingestion of alcoholic products — any, it does not matter whether it is vodka, wine or beer.

But most of all and heavier than all the brain suffers. Because that's where the alcohol concentration is maximum. If taken per unit concentration of alcohol in the blood, in the liver it will be 1.45, and the brain — 1.75.

I'm not going to describe in detail the terrible picture "wrinkled brain" (most people just drink at the autopsy the brain is wrinkled, dramatically reduced in volume, the meninges are swollen, distended vessels, and the convolutions of the brain just flattened), but a more subtle study, it appears that changes in the nerve cells are the same sharp, as in cases of poisoning are very strong poisons.

These changes are irreversible. That inevitably affects mental performance. This affected primarily the highest, the most perfect brain function, and low — primitive approaching subcortical reflexes, last longer.

Brain damage caused by alcohol, can be compared with injuries of the skull. In a concussion, even when the microscopic examination are not detected by changes either in the shell or in the vessels of the brain — clinically, we observed loss of consciousness from several minutes to several hours and, subsequently, severe headaches.

If after a head injury in the substance of the brain or its membranes found at least a small hemorrhage or necrosis point — we're talking about the brain injury (concussion). In this case, the loss of consciousness often lasts many hours and is detectable loss of or damage to the function of nerves and groups of nerves. In the future — persistent headaches and in the long-time — early hypertension.

The changes occurring in the brain of people who consume alcohol, cannot be regarded otherwise than as a gross anatomical changes, which lead to the weakening and loss of individual functions of the brain and to the deterioration of the entire Central nervous system.


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