China may have the first supersonic drone in the world

Chinese combat aircraft Dark Sword could become world's first supersonic drone. About this WantChinaTimes writes, citing China Central television.

Dark Sword, known in his homeland as "Anjian", was first shown in 2006 in the form of a conceptual model at the aviation exhibition in southern China. Then the model was exhibited at the Paris air show, and then disappeared from public view. Official information about the fate of the Dark Sword no.

Some experts believe that the project was closed due to lack of funding or for some other reasons. Others believe that research and testing Dark Sword ongoing, but the program had been classified "top secret".

As reported by CCTV, the Chinese expert in the field of aviation Fu CANSO, in case of success Dark Sword could become world's first supersonic unmanned aircraft. However, he said that he did not know at what stage is this program. The expert noted that the conduct of such projects in complete secrecy – a common occurrence for the aviation industry.

According to CANSO, even the conceptual model of the plane can reveal the technology that this country possesses and the quality of its research and development. Thus, the analysis of exhibition models may allow experts to assess the degree of development of the aviation industry of China.

The expert said that military transport aircraft Boeing C-17 Globemaster III U.S. air force, which this year exhibited at the Zhuhai air show, demonstrated how far China has advanced in the aviation business. He also reminded that in order to become one of the world leaders in the aviation industry, need to develop their own technology and not to use other people's. published



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