Body cleansing with boiled water

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Body cleansing with boiled water is a pretty simple method of General cleansing of the body, which may experience light pain. In the absence of chronic diseases and these minor aches will not.

This way you can get rid of arthritis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, chronic constipation, normalize your weight, to establish the correct functioning of the skin, gently and gradually bring the sand and stones from the kidneys, gall bladder and liver to remove excess fat from problem areas, giving bones greater flexibility.

If slight pain is present, it shows that the process of cleaning the body is fine and in the right direction, helping to remove waste products and toxins.

Drinking boiled hot water slowly in small SIPS on an empty stomach for forty minutes before meal one glass every morning. Its temperature should be the maximum allowed.

The duration of the procedure should be within six months. During this time, can pass the pain, if you have them.

If you're serious about the method of General cleansing of the body, it will resemble the procedure of yoga:

you need to sit on a chair with straight legs and straight back;

close your eyes and listen to your body;

slowly with breaks to drink from the Cup of hot water;

then put your hands on your knees palms down;

to close my eyes again to listen to the body;

then lie down on the Mat belly down;

arms out palms down at shoulder level;

look straight ahead, chin resting in the Mat;

then slowly raise your head and look over your left shoulder on the heel of the right foot;

when lifting the head, fix the attention on the thyroid, then on the spine between the shoulder blades, then on the back;

then slowly lower your head to the starting position;

when lowering the head to fix and keep attention on body parts in reverse order;

repeat the lifting and lowering of the head with a view over the right shoulder of the heel of the left foot.

When lifting the head you can get up on his hands without removing his elbows from the Mat.

This procedure helps to promote drinking hot water in the gastrointestinal tract and stretch your spine. After exercise the body will experience ease and make you feel slender and rejuvenated.


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