14 of the most unusual and beautiful vegetables

Have you ever noticed how beautiful can be vegetables? Of course, our tastes are varied and changeable, but breeding is not in place, each year surprising us and delighting in something very beautiful and equally tasty. Familiar vegetables can be modified beyond recognition. Here and watermelon radishes, and carrots, even Kale can become a fashion wonder of the holiday table. I propose to plunge into the colorful vegetable world together.

Multicolored corn We're used to boring yellow corn, but it turns out, corn is really beautiful! American farmer Carl Barnes not so long ago, a new strain of corn Glass Gem. The grain in these ears are translucent and resemble gems in all colors of the rainbow. Such beauty and cooking-sorry! Although when cooking it does not lose color and are quite edible.

He started breeding he is likely more familiar varieties of Indian colored corn, which is gaining and plots our growers.


And that, in turn, comes from the black corn of the hopi, named after a tribe of Indians, to cultivate this variety.
Her ears can be red, blue, purple, almost black. This color gives it a presence in the fruits of a large amount of the enzyme antioxdant. And the taste of it, too, is amazing: sweet, with some hint of hazelnut. And yet it contains almost 30% more protein than ordinary corn. Depending on the varieties of hopi can be quite a baby or have big ears. Interestingly, in the years of the Soviet Union this outlandish corn can be found in our fields. Now industrial we do not grow, but no one bothers to plant this corn on the country.

Pumpkins, of Course pumpkins in their variety — some of the most beautiful and unusual vegetables. Different sizes, colors and shapes, edible and not, they retain their decorative and dry.

Very cute American small pumpkins VI-Bi. The size of a fist and are very popular abroad for the holiday of Halloween. But the taste is not inferior to their attractive appearance.

Romanesco this is truly amazing hybrid. When you look at this vegetable come to mind mysterious flying objects, or futuristic creations. But the breeders just wanted to combine the cauliflower and broccoli. Happened in the end such is the entangled fractal vegetable. This cabbage not only looks impressive but also contains many useful micronutrients.

Globe artichokes the artichoke has a beautiful, unusual fruits. They are like a delicate flower. Taste it compare with walnuts. The present ornament of a table and a wonderful delicacy!

Multicolored cauliflower Form of this vegetable was familiar, but the color has undergone dramatic change. Were bred purple and yellow varieties of cauliflower. Familiar dishes will be elegant and fashionable with this ingredient. And in the garden to look it would be great.
Cauliflower contains sufficient amount of vitamin C, and purple variety rich anthocyanin, which helps our blood vessels to avoid blood clots and improves heart function.

Watermelon radish in Size and shape as the average radish, and in the context of natural watermelon! Or radishes inside out. Crimson flesh and white-green skin is able to confuse the uninitiated. Its bitter taste closer to the center becomes more sweet, but the crunch is not reflected! Very much appreciated by the masters of carving. Such vegetables can be decorated any festive dish.

Zucchini "gold rush" brought up as a gardener zucchini, Yes uneasy, and gold... And it's not a fairy tale. In our market this pub very often, but the growers are gaining in popularity. Much like his yellow-Golden color, but the pests it was not to taste.

Yellow watermelon but the watermelon will not meet during the summer on the shelves! Won the Japanese think generally square watermelons grow round did not hit him. Changing not only the form of the usual childhood of watermelon, but its color! For example, as you yellow watermelon? Agree, this treat is more like a decoration. The taste of this watermelon is the most natural, watermelon.

Colored carrots don't assume that everyone knows about carrots, it is also able to surprise. It turns out, the carrot is white and bright yellow, and brown, and almost black.

In the context of a carrot, too, can have different colors. Decorate the table!

Purple potatoes on the table With this vegetable, it is not necessary for the holiday to come up with mysterious dishes, any salad of this potato will give the dish a unique flavor. In combination with purple cauliflower, purple corn, purple carrots and purple onions to make a very purple salad.

Black tomato are Among the tomatoes, too, can meet the "dark horse". The Israelis not so long ago introduced a new variety of true black tomatoes Black Galaxy. This Gothic tomato are very sweet. These tomatoes thrive on our beds.

Multi-colored beets

Yellow beets

If yellow, orange and red vegetables repainted in fashionable purple, this beet in defiance of them to lighten and became "Blondie". The flavor remained present, beet. It is very convenient to add it in the dishes that should keep the color and not be painted in a uniformly-beet.

Striped beets

But this "candy" variety of beets with distinct concentric circles of red and white is perfect for decorating dishes.


Asparagus is unique in itself. And its appearance is more reminiscent of bunches with unblown flowers. How good on a green background, its purple head. Asparagus is not only a delicacy, but also a beautiful decoration for any table.

Chocolate bell pepper When ripe the fruit of this pepper becomes dark-brown, chocolate color. The name and appearance matches the sweet taste of this pepper.

We hope you enjoyed our mini-tour of the unusual vegetables.

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