Oriental medicine is about the healing properties of orange

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Orange – the "Chinese Apple" was first mentioned in the works of Theophrastus (about 300 BC). In the middle ages it was widely used in medicine for treatment of various diseases, and cultivated in Europe in greenhouses. Even the word Conservatory is derived from the French orange – orange. Previously, doctors recommended nobles to eat every day for a few oranges, as the best remedy for the flu, including prevention, and boils, and also as a means of giving effect to and strengthening health.

Taken on an empty stomach, half an hour before Breakfast, oranges stimulates the digestion, stimulate the appetite. But eat or drink the juice out of them immediately after a meal is impossible – you can make indigestion. Wait at least 20 minutes. It is also not recommended to use them before bed. Eat oranges you need as it gives them a nature – slices, and never cut with a knife. And to choose good is not difficult – the best specimens are heavy and firm to the touch.

Orange juice improves vision, strengthens the gums, removes unnecessary fat deposits and restores the nervous system, corrects the function of blood vessels, protects against infection, helps with gastritis and duodenal ulcer. Oranges are good for the excretion of unnecessary substances. They quickly dissolve toxins and heal the inflammation. But when kidney failure and violation of the excretory function of the skin, you may have the same problems that when taking lemon juice. It is useful to drink orange juice at high temperature instead of water or tea.

Fruit orange stimulate metabolism, and thus can be used in diseases of metabolism – obesity, and diabetes. Moreover, in diabetes it even lowers the blood sugar level (when used in a fresh juice without sugar).

In the case even fit dried rind of the fruit. Its infusion stimulates the appetite, for colds, coughs, malignant ulcers. Alcohol tincture of orange peel is considered an excellent remedy against fever. It stops uterine bleeding – heavy, menopausal and even the threat of premature birth. For the treatment of boil in the skin (on the water) unripe oranges and eat 7-9 times a day, 30-50 grams. Orange vodka is prepared simply – cut thin layer of peel and put it in vodka. The longer it brewed, the more fragrant it turns out the drink. You can also make an infusion with lemon peels and Mandarin.

It is helpful to eat a little orange peel, which includes several types of essential oils.

The same properties of orange and the healing properties of tangerine. This Christmas fruit fine stops uterine bleeding, especially menopausal. Pulp and juice of fruits have antiscorbutic action and is able to kill fungi. Repeated rubbing of tangerine juice heals the skin areas affected with trichophytosis and microsporia. If you want to try this treatment, be sure to follow – continue to RUB the juice a week or two after symptoms disappear disease. The fungi are very tenacious, and although we think we're healed, they can continue to live in the skin, giving itself felt from time to time.

The tangerine peel in Chinese folk medicine used in cough, bronchitis, nausea and as a means of improving digestion.

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