The Tibetans believe that suit ego consists of 96 pieces

The Tibetans believe that a person can live a person in the form 96 of the state-the distortions, the so-called templates. Pattern (pattern) is a typical and predictable human behavior in a particular situation. Tibetans to this was further added and the resultant emotions and the circumstances in which a person falls.

So, almost to the end of the twentieth century a closed monastic teachings of Tibetan Yoga Pulsations, says that time goes on, changing a person's toy, there are open, technology, but the laws of development of personality and, consequently, remain the same.

For example, the person can every time to play the same defiant indignation act when he performs important work. A lot of expectations, excess liability... And as a result underestimate him, what he receives, he is not satisfied. There is a vicious circle and a sense of frustration and yourself, and your life...

Yoga Tibetan Pulsation is a practical doctrine designed to self-knowledge. This practice reveals a state from which, like a rope from a separate thread, is the identity. Helping a person to see what he so firmly held, and that in turn, he constantly lives caccording before my eyes, calling it in the hearts of "always" or "never"...

This doctrine is revealed in the energies of the bodies. The body is a collection of States of mind and body, manifested in a certain place of the body, includes specific organ and part of the nervous system, adjacent to it. Also, the body is a physical representation of energy of a certain quality, certain patterns of behavior associated with the expression of this energy.

So, if you specify the example given above, the described condition may be expressed by two qualities. Two of the 96 possible manifestations of personality. The quality of the heart when people are so separated from nature, that suffers from a misunderstanding over themselves and the world. It is seen as a deep pain and disappointment, hatred towards one's own needs. And quality of light – when chelovecescie the pressure of circumstances, when each new step is still a heavy burden on his shoulders... And in this case from excessive pressure in humans "nervous wreck" in relations with others – depression is expressed in aggression towards those who are not able to evaluate the work or contributions, he dodges requests or explodes with accusations and excuses, when he has to make some friendly small...

During the practice a person comes in contact with feel, but "deeply buried", often unknown, with what is usually called a variety of names – from soul to character. And reality can live as an experience of the unconscious, transcendent experience, and the experience of bodily perception of the world due to... Understanding yourself, recognizing yourself in a new light, the light of truth... And simply, as he spoke to the Shanti Dheeraj, as an electrician, aligning the electric charges in the nervous system. From minus to plus. While harmonizing your perception to the deepest relaxation, clarity of consciousness.

The Tibetans did not distinguish between good and bad, what a pleasure to live and what to live hard. The energy of the body according to Tibetan tradition is that a person feels in a certain situation, the calling and the stress response, and a positive state of mind. For them, everything is a manifestation of man, his Essence. This manifestation can be free, i.e. carry a positive charge, expressed spontaneously and creatively, and can be distorted, carrying a negative charge, and expressed in a very specific way, according to the template.

At the same time, the Tradition says that every person from the moment of conception to its establishment as the individual, passes through definite stages of development, during which the energy is bound to be distorted, then to recover, passing the typical positive and negative peaks.

For example, the energy of the stomach, is a manifestation of friendliness in the personality of the person passes through the stages from the sacred unity during the first time after conception, through the feeling of loneliness, the desire for intimacy, renunciation insensitive environment conscious and free from the conditioning unity. Seven steps of development that a person goes through in the energy of each organ. The illusory six States and the seventh – final free, rising above all previous experience, sosteniendola and of a certain quality, such as the unity of the internal and external, the lack of differences between those who had previously been nice and those who were unbearable.

The Tibetans believe that in this way, the language of the body, the nervous system, creates a living wisdom, the understanding of human existence, the mind, the understanding of being and presence on the planet in human form. That living experience of all 96 States, identifying themselves with them, and then restaurantsas, integrating all understanding through the nervous system, one attains true freedom, creativity and wisdom, his Benezet the Earth and its inhabitants the light of Truth.



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