Nordic diet — an alternative to the Mediterranean

The Scandinavians are known for excellent cars, pop musicians, schools and the world's best system of social protection of the population. And yet the people of this region live on average much longer than the residents of other countries. Although it seems that in Scandinavia it is cold, and everything should be different. Most likely, the secret of their success hidden in their "Nordic" diet. Lately she is becoming more popular among the residents of different countries. All this happened due to the fact that the Danish chefs and nutritionists in the last ten years have become incredibly popular and successful. The fashion for Scandinavian cuisine is growing faster than in the time grew up on the Mediterranean.

Already there are at least a few credible scientific studies that show that the Nordic diet is really probably the most healthy in the world. All because it is based on local, seasonal, simple, rustic food.

Here are 10 basic principles of the Nordic diet.

1. Eat more local fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Eat more whole-grain products.

3. Red meat it is advisable to eat less, and all of it must be exceptional, of the highest quality.

4. Eat more foods from seas and lakes.

5. Eat more foods from the wild, not reared on the farm animals.

6. Buy organic products whenever possible.

7. Avoid food additives.

8. Try to cook only seasonal ingredients.

9. Like home cooking. It is much better food in most cheap restaurants.

10. Try to keep the cooking process can waste as much as possible.

As can be seen, if we compare the Nordic diet over the Mediterranean, they are similar. Both, it is desirable to adhere throughout life. Both point to the need for moderate consumption of fat, protein and processed foods.

The main difference is that where the Italians use olive oil, nuts, beans and sardines, the Norwegians are pushing the berries, root vegetables, and cod. As residents of the Mediterranean region, the Scandinavians believe that the basis of any lunch or dinner must be dishes from plant foods. They eat meat rarely and prefer poultry, not farm-raised pigs.

White potatoes were among the Scandinavians as popular as algae, snails and other seafood. Garden fruits — is also a mandatory part of the diet. The Norwegians and Danes almost don't eat olives, cucumbers and tomatoes. But it is only by the fact that in Scandinavian countries they do not grow because of the climate. If tomatoes or olives grow where you live, then eat them!

In 2013, a study was conducted which proved that a Nordic diet can lower cholesterol levels, suppress inflammation in the body, speed up the metabolism.

In 2014 researchers proved that such a diet promotes weight loss and blood pressure. The reason is simple: the adherents of the Nordic diet consume fewer calories daily than other people.


Author: Konstantin Shiyan



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