What to do if frozen windshield washer

Winter always starts unexpectedly, and not every motorist has time to prepare your car for winter. Waking up in the morning and saw the thermometer went into a deep disadvantage, the driver begins to rapidly figure out whether all his car ready for the cold weather? Suddenly comes the realization that in the reservoir of the windshield washer standing water. What to do? And how did this happen? Yellow and blue do not mixit is well Known that antifreeze (non-freezing heat transfer liquid) comes in two colors and it is not recommended to mix these two colors. By the same token, motorists with the experience poured into the washer tank with blue lid, antifreeze blue, or blue color. Similarly with lids yellow or red. But what if the tank has any water left?
A warm garage or an underground Parkingthe easiest and Most painless way for cars to drive into the heated underground Parking or a heated garage and leave the car there for 3-4 hours, during which the ice will melt nozzles. That you can pass the time watching movies, eating food, or think about what it would be if the water froze in the tank and it would explode. Obviously, replacing the tank would cost no less than 5000 RUB.

But what if there is no possibility to put the car in a warm garage or Parking?There are lots of tips for fixing this problem, but not all of them will help, and some even hurt. The most obvious solution is poured into the frozen container of boiling water. But do not hurry, the hot water will help only if the reservoir remained insignificant amount of water, otherwise, the boiling water will not have time to defrost the ice. Also it is fraught with deformed plastic due to the sharp drop in temperature. Given that on modern cars these tanks are installed under the wing and under the hood is the only fill hole is in danger of going to the car wash to replace it. But if the washer reservoir mounted under the hood, as on the Russian cars, it is possible after a long trip the ice will melt. Also on such machines it can be easily removed, therefore, to resolve this problem, remove the tank and put in a warm place.

It's not the washer tank What to do if frozen "nezamerzayki" in the car?On cars of foreign production such manipulations do not take place. The first method that can help is to fill into the tank the heated antifreeze. If the tank is almost empty, it will be enough. During engine operation, the ice gradually thawed and mixed with "antifreeze", which will not allow it to freeze. Laboratory work in physics in his garageWhen the capacity is full, need to gradually fill it with warm antifreezing fluid, when the engine is running, the ice will gradually turn into water, and therefore decrease in volume. The vacant place must immediately fill out a "nezamerzayki" which will not allow water to freeze again. Repeat these actions need to as long as the heat can not melted all the ice.

Source: www.monsterauto.ru/techno/chto-delat-esli-zamerz-omyvatel-lobovogo-stekla/


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