The house where love lived

A new generation of billionaires chooses modesty, and therefore has all the chances to give a second life to the house, overgrown with weeds.

If time allowed you to rewind the clock back.

The Western part of London. Centennial house in four rooms. In 1937, ran Baron Laurence Olivier and became the face of Scarlett O'hara, the actress Vivien Leigh

Favored by the God, fame, beauty, money, they, in fact, behind these walls from the gossip, speculation and gossip.

Behind each had families, children.
Neither the husband Vivien Leigh, wife of Laurence for a long time did not give permission for divorce.
Six years of litigation. Children were forced to leave the former.


House for two, fireplace and garden. Harmony reigned there for ten years.
Then, she conquered Hollywood and with it the hearts of millions of viewers.

But unfortunately, a happy ending for the favorites of fortune are not secured.
After the recognition came depression, manic fear and the inability to continue a quiet life.

Whatever you say about yourself at the end of the road:
"If you can't get something to dream about, udovletvoryaet what we have.
I wanted to live with benefits and someone to love me forever. Isn't it ridiculous?..
I chose the wrong person. He made me a celebrity wife, and I made his life hell.
It all ended in divorce. So please forgive me. I don't like to hear about happy marriages. I envy them".

Who is the present owner of the house? Unknown. Last summer the house was put up for auction.
However, the queries were too high — the price of 7.5 million pounds no one answered.


House romantic love story still waiting for its owners...



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