Effective weight loss — diet flax

Any diet aimed at normalization of weight and, consequently, to the promotion of health in General. One of the most effective methods of weight loss is diet flax. In addition to the dietary properties of flax oil is also very good for the body because it contained protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

After a course of therapy with the use of flax in addition to lost pounds you will also forget about their split hairs, the problems of dry skin and cracked nails. It's safe to say that the use of flax in food has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and prevents cancer.

The mechanism of Flaxseed diets are based on the light laxative effect of Flaxseed oil on the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this effect from the body can quickly to expel harmful substances and toxins. The purgative effect is seen gently without causing damage to the stomach and healthy intestinal microflora.

Do not expect instant results. Linen method of weight loss should be used within one month. Together with time will go away and extra weight in week one pounds. Special, detailed menu for the given method does not exist, the essence of the diet is the constant inclusion of foods with flax seed oil or flax seed.

It is important for the diet to choose high-quality Flaxseed oil. It should be either yellow-green or dark yellow. Now Flaxseed oil should be nearly odorless and transparent to light. On the palate it has a slightly bitter taste. These indicators will indicate the good quality of the oil. Failure to comply with at least one condition to use this oil for diet is not recommended.

To use Flaxseed oil before food, preferably 15 minutes before meals tablespoon 3 times a day. More one tablespoon at a time should not be used. Exceeding the dose will not speed up the achievement of the desired result.

If someone's drinking at a time tablespoon of oil is problematic, you can add this amount in food as a seasoning for soups and cereals. The oil can be used for dressing salad, vegetable salads or sauerkraut and add it to dairy products (low-fat yogurt, yogurt). To make exquisite taste, flavor and original color of the cakes, you can add to the dough a little additional linseed oil.

In addition to oil, in the method of the diet the possibility of using and Flaxseed in the form of decoction or infusion. For the decoction you should take half a liter of boiling water and six teaspoons of flax seeds. Cook them on low heat for 30 minutes. Such broth drink after cooling and straining on an empty stomach. Regimen: before each meal half a Cup 30 minutes before meals.

Infusion of flax seeds is also quite simple. Three teaspoons of seeds are placed in a thermos, pour half a liter of boiling water and close tightly to draw. It is best to prepare the infusion in the evening, in this case the seeds in a thermos to leave in the morning, after which they prorezyvatsja. Infusion of flax seeds should be consumed in the same way as broth.

If desired, during the linseed diet, you can take flax in their favorite compotes. You just need the cooking process to add the main ingredients of the compote flax seeds in the proportions and quantities according to your taste preferences. The finished compote can be used without restriction as a replacement for main meals throughout the day.

Prepared infusions, decoctions or fruit drinks should be used in one day. This also applies to herbal teas and fruit drinks. If you ignore these requirements in cooked foods can begin the process of fermentation.

Throughout linseed diet the feeling of hunger will not disturb you, as the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach will be obmolocheno a thin film of linseed oil, so that even with an empty stomach you will feel satiety and comfort. Slight pain in the right hypochondrium, which can be daunting at first, should not confuse you – this is just a side effect of the diet with adding to the food flax.

As in any diet is to observe restrictions on the use of confectionery products, fatty foods and smoked. Efforts should be made and try to eat right, only in this case the benefits of Flaxseed diet would be the maximum. Do not forget that this technique could not be applied constantly. After a month of course of diet using flax must be given a break of not less than two months.


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