14 ways to wash the dishes from Nagar

On almost any dish if her, of course, do not look carefully, over time plaque, also known as soot. Especially fast he shows up on pots when food is prepared on open fire. Is it possible to get rid of him, because he's not just spoils the appearance, worse becomes the thermal conductivity of the walls of the cookware, or pan.
But that's okay, there are some proven ways to remove soot and not get exhausted to death. First, let's talk about lifting at home, go camping, not all, but the pans acquire Nagar.

Home method

To invent here a Bicycle is not necessary, many use expensive chemicals, but it is not necessary. You can save not only finances but also your health, because modern chemistry is a time bomb.
All we need to remove carbon deposits, usually are in each apartment, even if not to buy is not difficult.
What you need:
the container, which will fit our dishes.
— glue ordinary silicate, also called stationery;
— baking soda (calcined), or persole on your desire.
Drop the utensils in a bucket, pour hot water, add 100-150gramm glue, a box of baking soda or personico, and put on gas. Bring to the boil and leave on slow gas for 2 hours. After this treatment, the carbon is removed without problems.
Pros: cheap and effective.
Cons: half day busy stove in the entire apartment moist air in the winter, sweating Windows, sweating in the summer we.[1]

Field method
Ideally, when we're camping, bowler is best to scrub after every cooking. If near the river is the sand, that's all we need.
What you need:
a strong piece of cloth;
— river sand;
— two hands, preferably male.
The pot is put on the sand bottom to the top, put on top of the wet sand, take a cloth and three, struggling. Therefore we need men's hands, women's delicate hands will not create the necessary pressure to remove the carbon. If a layer of carbon only one, that is enough for about 7-8 minutes, and the pot shines like new.
Pros: free and ecologically clean.
Cons: can't do without a man.

Universal method (soaking, no boiling)

You can use this method if you have a tank of water where it can soak temporarily part of the dish. And also need average physical training, regularity, time of 1-3 hours, and is not 100% still clean.
What you need:
— the water tank where it will lay utensils
Sol (river sand)
— cloth (durable and preferably rough)

Dishes or part of it submerged in water where previously add baking soda (1 tablespoon soda to 1 liter water) every 20-40 minutes raise soaked part pour salt and three can be used with a rag.

Pros: no need to boil, all you can do in cold water. Gradually, you can see how washed dishes in 1-3 hours.
Cons: not launder 100%, but only 80-90% or even less if not enough patience, time, and present systematic approaches. With very dirty water you need to update that increases the consumption of soda.[4]

Clean enamel ware

The main disadvantage of enamelware is that the enamel is very easily damaged and the temperature and mechanical influence. After that, the enamel loses Sovi properties.

How to rid of enamel ware of carbon. First we need to observe two rules: wash enamel ware immediately after use and pour into the hot pot of cold water, and that cracks the enamel.

To enamel cookware lasts longer, need a new pan pour water and put on fire, let the water boil. After that, the pot of water should be put off the fire and pouring water, let it cool down. Therefore, the enamel hardened. And never place an empty pan on a hot surface, a hot pan — cold and wet stand.

To get rid of the unpleasant smell of burnt food, you need to cover the pot with a wet towel and leave for 10-15 minutes. A damp cloth will absorb all the smell.
To remove scale from the kettle, it is necessary to pour in it one hundred grams of salt, one hundred grams of sugar and pour one hundred grams of vinegar. Pour enough water and boil for 5-7 minutes. The scum is erased with an ordinary sponge.

Method of activated carbon

Mash these to a packet of activated charcoal, placing them into the pan, cover and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then pour warm water to cover the burnt place, and leave for another 15-20 minutes. After that, the pan can be easily washed in the usual tool for cleaning.[3]

Method using vinegar or citric acid
Need to fill a problem spot with vinegar and leave for 2 hours. After that, the pot is easy to wash off. Instead of vinegar you can use lemon acid or lemon juice. The lemon gave as much juice as possible, you need to scald it with boiling water.[3]

Consumer method
Buy a new frying pan or “hammer” on Nagar!

A rustic method or recommendation for cast iron cookware
If the utensils of iron, it(the carbon) will benefit them! But as shown by one case in village such progulivali pan was on fire. Everything was great, from year to year, but once she melted, turning into a ball like chicken...
If the start of the cast iron stick: coarse salt to RUB and leave overnight, do not rinse.
Take a large pot. Pour water, a handful of powder in there to dissolve. Then the pan in the pan down and on fire. Let the sauce to boil for 20 minutes, sponge rubs and all.

Hard home method

In the apartment you can own at the plate cleaned. Great falls off))) long((( In some cases, you can use a brush on metal.
What you need:
— mood;
— patience and a little effort;
brush or brush for metal (e.g. cast iron).
Pros: cheap, trains patience
Cons: long need and mood of this work.

Home a dangerous method.
Try to burn the pan. Put it on the small fire and let it stand 4 hours. However, prepare yourself for the fact that the kitchen is full of smoke. but Nagar after a penalty is removed easily.

Cooking method

Hill soda, salt, lemon juice — chic washed up to Shine. only leave for the time necessary, soda all the muck will absorb. lemon for Shine. Sol don't know why)) also seems to absorb well.

Humanity method

Not to bring pans to such a RAID, after each times to clean humanita.
fat has dissolved before our eyes in a minute I just had to wipe this place with a sponge – all remove itself! Only the fingers I just burned. In those places, de the skin got Humanit, the skin is very red and literally burned.
On the bottle, and found no hint of the composition. And yet, the tool is really powerful. Do it easily dissolves even the most inveterate fat. Maybe just need to use it with gloves on? But after reading the reviews online, I never realized that half the people love it, as I do, and half scolds him and says it's dangerous. Pregnant women and families with small children it is not suitable, the smell of it is terrible, acrid. Because in the ordinary hydrochloric acid, not concentrated.[6]
Composition: an alkaline substance, a special activated materials, flavoring. Made in Israel. (stinks five times less than Robla by the way)
Polina Lorina says: Humanit-Israeli chemical weapons. Aimed at poisoning Housewives. The pungent muck has never seen. Was breathing through a towel, then threw it away from sin. Recommend Unikum or grease remover. Cleans as well, but at least for the respiratory system I am calm.[6]

Sanita antizhir method

“Sanita-antizhir” cheap, but effective. Apply, leave, then just wash the sponge with a layer of soot.

Go to a good store household chemicals, right now, all there, need advise. [5]be sure to Use gloves — on aluminum occurs some kind of reaction, for cleaning of aluminium is not suitable

Home method with stain removing Persol

In a bucket of water consumed by about about a piece gosmile /grated/ 500g of calciner.soda,100g silica glue/stationery/, and the package of parsoli”. Stain removing Persol (composition: peroxisomal sodium carbonate) gets into the fabric tightly, not removed anything.

Source: biopuls.info/bio/article945.html


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