As a child in the garden without vaccination

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I have heard repeatedly that without vaccination the child to the kindergarten will not take, but I decided that I would solve problems as they arrive. And now, it's time to give my unvaccinated daughter is in kindergarten...

In the local clinic we saw only rarely that the deadline for vaccinations passed, and when we came to get around doctors for kindergarten, to persuade us once again, "think, and still put at least some vaccinations" our doctor did not. Flip through our half-empty honey.the map and silently issued in the form of a medical certificate to bypass specialists. We went to all the necessary doctors, and passed the card to the signature of the head of the clinic that the baby is healthy, and in the children's garden to walk. But the head to give us a signed card refused, until we have a Mantoux test. From this moment all started...


With the Laws already at that time I was familiar with, and very determined. In writing asked to submit a paper on what basis it refuses to allow to visit the garden, please indicate the number of normative document. The letter attached a statement in which he refused the Mantoux test. Have prepared copies in gorzdravotdel and district attorney. But to use them, fortunately, was not necessary, because after reading the refusal of the card was then signed and given to me unconditionally.


Head of the kindergarten, where we sat, welcomed us very warmly. A very nice woman whose soul lives in his work, knows each child as their own. Invited to explore the nurse, opening our map... gasped.
We can't take you.
— Your child without vaccinations, he's sick. We have all children vaccinated. And your going to infect us.
— First of all, my baby is healthy, it is written in medical records. Second, if children in kindergarten are all grafted as You say, then why are they sick?
— ... (pause)... anyway, I can't take you. Do I have to die?

This phrase brought me in slight shock. But I calmly continued the conversation. Next, in a nutshell referred to the Law "About immunoprofilaktike" entitling an unvaccinated child to attend children's institutions (excluding periods of epidemics, officially recognized and signed by the chief sanitary doctor of the city). I have to say that I need to go to the station to get some help... go to the head physician of a hospital, to get some resolution ... I refused, as justification for this, I did not give any.

After that, I returned all the documents for registration in kindergarten, and said that the need to think and consult. Agreed I'll be there in a few days, and will bring a rejection of vaccination, where, at their request, I had to write that "warned of the consequences, and take responsibility for the child's life."
These few days was enough for me to find the comprehensive information, to consult with knowledgeable people, doctors, lawyers.


I prepared thoroughly. Wrote a failure, listing all the laws and regulations in a very bureaucratic style. Pay particular attention that this denial is deliberate and balanced decision based on detailed and comprehensive study of the issues related to the vaccination, personal experiences, and does not contradict the current legislation, including:

1) article 26 (the right to a public education) of the universal Declaration of Human Rights,
2) article 43 (the right to education, including preschool) of the Constitution,
3) article 5, part 1 (about the possibility of the education of Russian citizens, regardless of health status, gender, beliefs and other factors) of the RF Law "On education",
4) article 32 (consent to medical intervention) and article 33 (the right to refuse medical intervention) "Fundamentals of RF legislation on health protection of citizens",
5) article 5 (the right to refuse vaccination and receipt of medical workers full and objective information about necessary vaccinations) and article 11 (the vaccination with the consent of parents of minors) of the RF Law "About immunoprofilaktike infectious diseases".

A separate item – the responsibility for a child's life... I've never heard that the doctor who makes vaccine, assumes in writing responsibility for the consequences of vaccination, or, at least, warns about the consequences. And all that assumes taken responsibility for the failure? The parent guarantees that nobody will disturb if not vaccinated child gets sick "vaccination" disease? Refuse entitlement to social benefits? Or his legally refuse to treat? In addition, the Federal Law "About immunoprofilaktike" does not establish any precise form of failure, refers only to a written form. So will any failure if it is written and signed by a parent (mother or father).
After a few days, as we agreed, we returned to our conversation. In order not to waste time, I gave to the acquaintance (and signed by all present) the rejection of vaccination in triplicate. One in medical records, second head, third to me. Prepared a letter where I, in the case of denial of admission of the child would have in writing the reasons for the refusal. With this letter, I was adamant to go to court.
I think largely due to my determination to defend the truth and calm voice, after a short debate, we signed an agreement to attend kindergarten.

So information, information and again information. Fortunately, it is, and quite affordable. This is what allows us to defend our rights and our children. Still, we live in a democratic country, and protected by the Laws. And if they are not met, then the more this will be brought to the attention of the public, the less of such cases.

By the way, about the Laws.


The Federal law "About immunoprofilaktike" adopted on 17 September 1998. Actually, the point about the right to refusal of vaccination added to the law not because the state suddenly decided not to give children vaccinations, and absolutely forced. Russia in 1996 became part of Europe, and it imposes on the country certain obligations. As a result, in may 1998, Russia had to ratify the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the direct result of which was the adoption of a number of Federal Laws (not only health), "cleans" the tyranny that took place in the country. Since such flagrant violations of basic human rights Russia part of Europe would not accept.


They often say that there are certain regulations and laws under which a child without immunizations to attend kindergarten can't. However, no one of these "mysterious" laws have not seen?

There was a case when a single mom (while the device is in the children's garden son) showed the order of the Ministry of health of the USSR № 426 dated March 28, 1986 "On measures to improve the prevention of measles", which States that no vaccinations against measles child to kindergarten can't. (That's humor!) The USSR on the world map longer exists, and the Federal law "About immunoprofilaktike" adopted on 17 September 1998. Accordingly, the order of the Ministry of health of the USSR № 426 dated March 28, 1986, automatically loses his strength.

And, in my humble opinion, we in any case do not need to go wherever we are sent (in SES, on the x-ray to retake the tests, x-rays, etc.) until then, until it is proven that we are required to do by law. In any case, BEFORE you can PROVE to THEM THAT WE are NOT OBLIGED to DO SOMETHING, it is USEFUL to ASK THEM to PROVE US otherwise.

If the case goes to court, then the defendant (the administration of the kindergarten, for example) it will be a losing. Maybe that's why it's up to the court almost never comes.

But as consolation I will say that after a certain age becomes easier. Approximately from the age of 4 vaccination fights subside, the new "friends" by default decide that the child is fully vaccinated (not least because the child looks, contrary to popular legend, alive and quite healthy). New vaccinations for some time, no calendar, and the old "friends" already tired to fight, all the time pass, reporting has long been commissioned, which is now the "break a spear". Some providers even (secretly) starting to accept, sharing the stunning news that their children are also not vaccinated...

Galina Prugova mother of 5-year-old Valentina published

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