10 of the most delicious varieties of cheese

No. 1. Parmesan – hard, brittle, sharp taste. It should be cut into thin slices, and is – with pears and walnuts. Parmesan is added to pasta, risotto, omelettes. In 100 g on average contains 392 Calories.

No. 2. Brie – vintage French cheese. Cheese of kings. Taste it, depending on the variety and timing of aging varies from mushroom to the fruit. Fruit and brie – the best combination. 100 g contains on average about 330 Calories.

No. 3. Cambozola (Cambozola) - German cow cheese manufacturers which has managed to combine the features of French soft cheeses and Italian Gorgonzola. Internals are similar to Camembert, however, due to the mold splashes of more saturated and sharp. This cheese is better to submit the fruit (such as melon, grapes or pear). To fully understand the delicate taste of cheese "Cambozola", you need to allow it to fully unfold its aroma. For this we need to put cheese on a plate an hour before serving. 100 g contains on average 427 Kcal.

No. 4. Mascarpone – Italian cream cheese, with a rich taste similar to cream and yoghurt. In 100 g on average contains 453 Calories.

No. 5. Camembert – soft cheese made from cow's milk. Brie and Camembert are similar, but brie is slightly less oily. In 100 g on average contains about 300 Calories.

No. 6. DorBlu – German blue cheese. It better with nuts and grapes. If You eat several varieties of cheese at the same time, this variety is best saved for last. In 100 g on average contains 354 Kcal.

No. 7. Gorgonzola (Gorgonzola) — one of the most famous Italian cheeses, different characteristic tangy taste. This cheese has a sweet taste, with tender and a slight nutty aroma. 100 g contains on average about 358 Calories.

No. 8. Mozzarella cheese from Buffalo milk. This cheese goes well with tomatoes, Basil and olive oil. You can add a little black pepper. In 100 g on average contains 250 Kcal.

No. 9 Roquefort a famous French blue cheese. Roquefort is combined with wines: Cahors, Sauternes, Porto. 100 g contains on average 335 Calories.

No. 10. Tete de Moine - refers to the exclusive Swiss cheese. Translated from French the name means "head of monk". Tete de Moine is made from the milk of cows obtained exclusively in the summer months. Matures more than three months. The finished cheese is homogeneous on the cut, you'll be a thick consistency. Has a very strong aroma and strong spicy taste. Good with white wines. In 100 g on average contains 410 Calories.



Source: talumala.com/ru/dom-i-byt/kukhnya/edim-doma/4326-syry-desyatka-vkusnejshikh


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