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Disaster to the figures, a cholesterol bomb... not once refer to these products and dishes fans of healthy eating. But many would agree that unhealthy food is the most delicious, but because and then there is the temptation to "sin" something is not the most useful. How can that be?

Armed with knowledge, what exactly is the harm to health, and take the situation into their own hands! In today's review we will tell you how to turn 6 products from the banned list healthy. 1. Pizza what's the harm? The best way to turn pizza into a frightening source of unhealthy fats is to cook it with smoked meat and with a thick-thick layer of cheese. The next step for handling pizzas in an absolute evil to be the dough on the basis of refined wheat flour. Add yeast, tomato paste of dubious origin and salt, and the result is a dish that is harmful not only for figures but also for the cardiovascular system, kidneys and digestive system. How to make more useful? Prepare pizza yourself! White flour replaced whole grain, choose yeast-free version of the test instead of yeast, instead of heavy meat toppings use options with vegetables, shrimp, boiled chicken or ham Turkey, tomato sauce, prepare yourself. However, in any case, it is useful to consider that the best piece of vegetable pizza will contain 285 calories, therefore the best companion of such hearty meals will be a light salad. 2. Ice cream what's the harm? Alas, a favorite treat of all children and adults — this is a restricted product for anyone watching their waistlines. If the reading of the composition, it becomes clear how much animal fats and sugar a Cup of ice cream. Add to that preservatives, stabilizers, colors, flavors and replacement parts low-quality fats of vegetable... How to make more useful? Choosing fruit ice or sorbet, you can avoid overload in calories because the fat content in these ice creams is virtually zero. However, they manufacturers manage to add preservatives, so those who are interested in healthy products, we suggest to learn a couple of recipes of homemade ice cream from frozen bananas, fruits and berries. Independently controlling the amount of sugar, you can minimize the presence of empty calories and take from ingredients only benefits and taste. 3. Chips what's the harm? About the harm of chips know, probably almost all, however, every time I want something to eat, we're going to deal with his conscience and eat a sizeable portion of glutamate, salt, TRANS fats and flavors. Alas, often manufacturers skimp on quality and often uses the same oil for new batches of chips, why it acquires a characteristic bitter taste and negative impact on health, increasing the cholesterol. How to make more useful? Want to make something well — make it yourself. The best chips are the vegetable and fruit slices prepared without added fats and salt by the method of dehydrogenation at a temperature up to 50 degrees. If the dehydrator is still the object of desire, use the oven — about 40 minutes drying at 180 degrees you will have a crunchy and healthy chips from pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, green beans, apples and bananas. 4. Juices what's the harm? It would seem that it could harm fruit juices, however, nutritionists have long been sounding the alarm bells about cowleana store-bought juices — habit is not the most useful. So, packaged juices are not only undergo the multistage processing to increase shelf life, but they are so high in sugar that it almost puts them on the same level with harmful for the body soda. How to make more useful? Juicer and blender is a great home solution store-bought juices. What could be easier than whipping fruits, berries, a few sticks of celery and a handful of spinach at the request and prepare a covering morning smoothie, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Remember, however, that instead of cow's milk for smoothies it is desirable to use a walnut or even water, otherwise we risk to heavy drink. 5. Coffee what's the harm? Heated discussions about the dangers and benefits of coffee have been conducted for several decades. According to studies, people who drink more than 6 cups of coffee a day, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 70%. Do not overuse the amount of coffee people with high blood pressure because it increases it even more. Also coffee drinks often contain extra calories by adding cream, syrups and ice cream, which makes them harmful for the figure. How to make more useful? If your morning coffee has become a ritual and without it, the white light is not nice, we offer you to opt for a cappuccino. Whipped foam of the drink and reduces the amount of milk and reduces the total content of caffeine per Cup, calorie Cup of cappuccino is only 110 calories. Plus the body will get an additional 6 grams of protein from milk and useful for all calcium. Of course, it is better without sugar, as desired sweetness can be obtained by using sugar herb stevia, which can be found in almost all health food stores. 6. Mayonnaise what's the harm? Homemade Russian cuisine it is difficult to imagine without mayonnaise, because the fans to eat manage to add it to almost every dish. The fat content of store-bought mayonnaise for the GOST is at least 55%, calories — 900 calories per 100 grams, the minimum protein content is less than percent, plus savings on the quality and use of GMO ingredients... In fact, the advantages of mayonnaise can be attributed only to its availability and versatility, but the benefits did not remain also a trace. How to make more useful? Alas, even homemade mayonnaise nutritionists consider safe only in dosed quantities. However, if no mayonnaise did not do, I advise you to cook homemade cold sauce according to the classic recipe with no extra preservatives, colors and flavors. published



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