Almost Grishkovets

Student Residence. Late at night. Wakes up with a hangover student from the wild musical trash. Memory helpfully draws a picture that is imprinted in the brain of the latter. Kako populous lasciviousness, dedicated, of course, what is not known, but probably very important event in the life of someone from attending. Or maybe the whole team. Judging from the course and consequences. Because the head not only gives the team the other parts of the body, she herself is not friendly. But wildly hurts. And then this wonderful unceasing soundtrack behind the wall, which makes the remnants of the brain. Bitches. Why not go to sleep like normal people? Well walked - and in bed. But no. Audiophiles fucking. Head is literally explodes.
And the student begins flailing desperately at the wall. At first, silence and fist. Then raised from the floor shoe and outlining their grievances such violation of the hostel. With reference to the pedigree neighbors. Ten minutes passed in fruitless struggle against the wall and neighbors. Stand still no power. "Well, you bastards. I'll make you "- spinning in my head. And then the student begins to feel in your ears some discomfort. Well, something to go shove. Gradually turbid consciousness begins to reach hard-hitting truth. This headphones from the player. That he himself and his ears stuck, before you cut down. But turn on the player still had time.
"But my neighbors, in principle, are not that bad people" - thought the student, turn off the player.
And fell asleep contented.


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