Oleg Torsunov: 2 the basics of proper upbringing of the child

Often parenting parents are faced with the fact that the child behaves badly. Basically, mom and dad have to endure, but at some point you have to stop this behavior.

Disadvantages need to endure until then, until the child started behaving badly, ignoring the possible scope of good behaviour. If you have a boy, then it can be even a good malupit belt to it exactly his way, but then it is not necessary to repeat this punishment, and especially, to introduce them to some educational system. The girl can be punished, depriving her of the joys of "points for good behavior". You need to remember that punishment should not be frequent, but they should be resolute and serious that the child understood all thoroughly.

In General, through tolerance of bad behavior should be the principle that parents understand that the child can not immediately get rid of some of their shortcomings. The task of moms and dads is that to create normal conditions for the development of their child to feel safe and comfortable. If it starts to become impudent, to behave in a rude, we must endure, but only up to a certain point, until it starts to go beyond. So the child will understand that too not worth it to be naughty because you will be punished.

Education in passion expressed by the fact that parents can not tolerate the faults of children. They cry for any reason because of their attachment to a happy and peaceful life is very large. In fact, they need to work out their karma, but when parents don't understand this, and behave incorrectly, then they consume the stock good relations with the child. As a result, he will cease to obey, because he constantly pointed out his flaws.

Patience the shortcomings of their children's first Foundation.

Patience is a force that consumes inner happiness. To increase your opportunities, you need somewhere to replenish their inner reserves. Happiness increases only work: austerity, prayer, Scripture study, and so on. In the work there is no chance to be patient, because it's just consumed. The TV also will not give any power to the people there didn't having fun in front of him.

Life is a test, not a resort. Therefore, each person in their spare time, should try to grow internally, work on yourself, and not spend time, giving various entertainments.

The second pillar — the character development of children.

On this basis, parents should not pay much attention to estimates of the child that he gets to school. It happens that he simply does not have the ability to teach any subject. He is trying to actively teach, but instead of five gets a three – parents still should internally encourage, praise yourself. Many children have problems with academic performance, and all at the head of the list are different objects. But you need to understand that if a person works on himself, develop his character, he can achieve many things in life. Even, for example, to learn a subject that was not given to him in school, because after the inner work he will have enough strength of mind to devote their energies to the pursuit of this goal.

The role of parents in this situation, implies that they should give their child the opportunity to grow in the direction that he is interested. Give him all your strength, to guide him. Need a lot of attention paid to the development of a child's character and not the acquisition of some skills, because if he then will grow internally developed person, it will not be difficult in a short time to master any specialty. It is enough, even less to master the program at the University of the profession, instead of studying there for five years.

What's the point of all my school years treat the child for evaluation, if there is a more efficient way, which implies the right education is character development.

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