Calgary Avansino: How to introduce children to healthy eating

The mother of two daughters and the editor of British Vogue, calgary Avansino, shared the recipe for introducing children to healthy eating.

Calgary offers to comply with the child 10 key aspects on the path to healthy eating.
  Do not skip Breakfast
No morning chaos can not be an excuse for a missed Breakfast. The body needs nutrition after 10-12 hours of night "fasting". If there is at least 10 minutes, make eggs or omelette, fit and rye toast. If the expected morning rush, think about it before.

Watch for "hidden" sugars Should be excluded from the children's menu products in which the "hidden" sugar. This fruit juices, flavored yogurts, canned fruits. You have to understand that the words "diet" and "fat-free" implies a lot of refined sugar. A cunning ploy of the manufacturers to change the word "sugar" with "glucose", "fructose". All this can be avoided by buying products without packaging, that is fresh and natural.
 Remember the freezer After sports sections and hobby groups child will want a hearty dinner. Here to help working mom's coming freezer. Calgary says that on the weekends she cooks home-made semi-finished products from vegetables, meat and fish, divided into portions and freeze. Then after work we quickly reheat to serve a beautiful dinner ready. Plan meals in advance
If time does not care about family meals, laugh often have to resort to the wrong solutions in cooking. So Avansino tries every Sunday to plan a menu for the week ahead. According to calgary, it's very nice and helpful to the involvement of children in family matters: together with the subsidiaries they think through the week's worth of rations and purchase seasonal produce. Not to keep harmful products
It's hard to convince a hungry child that the cookies on the table do not eat until lunch. It's easier not to keep it in the house. Then, when the kids will find something tasty in the lockers, you can be calm in the house after all, only healthy foods. To turn a meal into a fun activity
Try to eat beautifully. In cooking, use different colored vegetables and while eating, ask the child to list the colors on the plate. Let your dishes interesting names. Serve plates "smiley". Then healthy food will still bring a lot of positive emotions.

  To introduce children to cooking
The child is always more interesting is the fact that he made himself. Such food children are especially praise – it seems incredibly delicious. Take kids with you to the store – it will be interesting to understand how and why they have the plate. To make the portion size smaller
Adult and children's portions should be different – the child less. It is also important that 2/3 of the food on the plate consisted of greens and vegetables, the rest is carbohydrates and proteins. It is important to teach kids to feel full. Since childhood learn not to overeat. To follow the diet at school
Be interested in what kids eat in school. If you have questions, don't hesitate to learn the subtleties of cooking. You can give the child to the school fruit, then the chance to eat something harmful is much reduced. Do not overdo the control
It's okay if on holiday the kid ate a mountain of candy, or brought home a bag of chips. It is important that a primarily whole diet of the child consists of the right foods. It is not necessary to worry about servings of ice cream or piece of cake. It is important to observe the ratio of 80/20.published



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