Soda will increase the yield of cucumbers and tomatoes 20-30%

Interesting way to increase the impact of planting tomatoes and cucumbers came up with the Stavropol farmers. They soaked the seeds for a day in a one percent solution of soda (10 g per 1 l of water), then rinse them with clean water, gently dried to flowability and sown in the garden. Thus, the treated seeds are cleaned from pathogens. And besides, landing almost a third are yielding a raw.

That's just need to be careful about soda, as well as acetic acid, to plants like poison. That is, it is necessary to accurately observe the dosage, not to exceed the processing time and very good to rinse the seeds with water. Less risky planting to spray the soda solution in the sheet. Then the smaller dose (50 g in 10 l), and there is no risk to burn the roots. But a special incentive to this treatment there. It is only used to combat powdery mildew, mycelium and spores which are not compatible with soda.

However, and sprays the soda speeding up too. Hit a large number of solution in the soil can stop growth of plants and special effort to call the fruit "crackavelli".

It is best to alternate soda solution with Divicom, which is also not a threat to our health. published



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