Tesla Model S received the "unlimited" reserve

Software update for all cars Tesla Model S put an end to the concern of drivers about the distance of the drive. The update makes it impossible for the battery discharge machine, if the intention is not to contribute to it. The update also brought several new features related to Autonomous driving.

Software, announced the head of Tesla Elon Musk, adds to the cars efficiency, as previously assumed, but takes into account factors such as wind speed, terrain and style of driving that the driver's never been apart a large distance from the charging stations Supercharger.

Even if the driver will not adhere to the recommendations on cornering, the onboard computer will analyze the route based on the location of charging stations, alerting the driver when he is moving away from the Supercharger. The system can also ignore busy charging station, replacing them with those that will be till the arrival of the car.

Electric will be updated before the end of March the Software is now in beta testing. It is expected that owners of the Model S will have access to it until the end of March. Musk said that the company intends to release updates every 3-4 months.

It is reported that the update will be distributed by air to all Model S vehicles via 3G connection.

In principle, it is impossible to exhaust the reserve. Unless you do it on purpose, — said Elon Musk. According to Tesla, 90 percent of the U.S. population are within 175 miles (280 km) from petrol stations Supercharger, which is less than an hour to fill the battery Model S to 80 percent. On a single charge, this model is able to cover a distance of 200 to 250 miles (320-400 km).

Now when you connect to the Supercharger network, Tesla will alert its wearer of the battery is charged sufficiently to reach the next station within your route. This should help to reduce queues at gas stations. When the vehicle will result in a charge, side the system will prompt the driver to stop at the nearest Supercharger, and not lose the route.

Musk believes that 250-350 miles (400-560 km) is an optimal reserve, if we take into account the cost of the electric vehicle. According to him, the company may offer battery for 400-500 miles (640-800 km), but it will be vastly different in price and charging time.

Autonomous driving in addition to increased reserve in update 6.2 is also included the function of Autonomous driving. Cars Model S D with the already installed equipment for Autonomous driving update will bring automatic emergency braking and the control of "dead zones".

The collision warning system (Collision Avoidance Assist) automatically applies braking to avoid being hit if the car senses the inevitability of a frontal collision. When you press on the gas pedal, brake pedal or when turning the steering system, automatic emergency braking (Automatic Emergency Braking) stops the braking.

Another feature is the control system of "dead areas (Blind Spot Warning), which informs the driver about in the "dead zone" (invisible or inaccessible area for rear view mirror) another vehicle moving at a speed from 32 to 136 km/h In case of danger of collision, the system warns the driver with sound, led indication and vibration in the steering wheel.

Version 6.2 also includes Valet mode ("Lackey"), which reduces engine power and restricts access to some settings of the vehicle and personal data of the driver. It will be useful when you have to ask an employee staff of the hotel or restaurant to Park your car. One press of a button the driver can limit the speed, close the glove compartment, as well as to conceal information about themselves and their journeys.

In addition, the update raises the bar for maximum speed Model S P85 D with a 209 to 250 km/h – this figure is typical for many conventional vehicles with an electronic speed limiter.

In conclusion, Elon Musk said that the next software update that will be released under the number 7.0, will provide new UI and will reveal the advantages of Autonomous driving, which is already equipped with some Tesla cars. This is an automatic steering mode and an Autonomous drive route from San Francisco to Seattle without a driver.

Well, the new electric SUV Tesla Model X, which will compete with the Range Rover Evoque will go on sale this summer. According to the Mask, now the car looks much better than before. published

Source: hi-news.ru


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