The children don't resist just

Fifty two million two hundred twenty one thousand three hundred thirty one

That's how the world works and we? We live and every day the world affects us: we do food, experience, chemicals and substances, viruses, thoughts, sounds, and touch, we have air temperature, humidity, pressure, emotional energy, decibel level and a trendy epidemic. And with all this we understand. We take the good and use it as energy: heat, food, water, support, affection, care. This is a function of POWER.

We reject the bad and defend yourself from him: dress up, smear the skin with a protective cream, masks and gloves, stop listening to nonsense, close Facebook, leave from unpleasant conversation, it is a security feature.

But if the bad in us still goes, we get rid of it: pour snot viruses, vegaslike bacteria, lymph expel toxins and poisons, viplachivau resentment, stress and fears, and so on. Excretory function.

Is a healthy person. A sick person?

A sick person eats worse. He has an ulcer, an Allergy, he refuses to support and help and shy affection.

A sick man is protected worse: it continues to be in destructive relationships, to be manipulated, cut adenoids.

A sick person cannot cope with the efficient allocation bad: it suppresses stress, inhibits nausea and swallowing resentment, poisons and toxins – physical, mental, emotional.

The children don't resist just like that. Healthy children excrete from the body the poisons of stress, fear and resentment.Strive to prevent child periodically to break and cry “from scratch” is still to seek to prevent diarrhea, pardon the comparison. You would prefer that E. coli remained beautiful on the inside? published 

Author: Olga Nechaeva



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