French children don't resist or experience of the Paris education

The book "French children don't resist" written by an American mother, Catherine Crawford and talks about the French education, which is fundamentally different from the American one.

The American parenting style is similar to Russian. Both Nations jump around children and wipe their butts for quite a long time, his whole life revolves around children, where kids are often manipulated his parents constantly cranky and nervous, watching cartoons on tablets, chew fast foods, and don't want to eat right.


Perhaps that is why books about the experience in other countries will be readable and interesting. One of the popular books "French children don't spit food" Pamela Druckerman. Both books are about the education of French children are very similar and even the writing style is similar, so if one of the books you read — feel free to read another.

But before you learn from the experience of others needs to think about who you want to grow? Obedient and closed or bright and clever child? Or just a happy man? We know many examples of how Russian and American children grow up in a prominent, intelligent and famous people, and famous French people? Alas, the famous modern French except Sarkozy no one comes to mind.

Very often (and in the book confirm this) that adult French is a closed and cold people, by the way, can also be said about Russian. Now it is a society of introverts, which is difficult to stir up. I think the reason for all the upbringing in families. And approach to parenting must be constantly revised because children of every generation are born completely different.

So, what I liked and what should I take note of the French:

The French remain desirable women after the birth of a child. They don't gorge themselves during pregnancy, eat in moderation, and after giving birth come in the form of a maximum of THREE months. French women are well play the role of lovers, unlike the American and Russian mothers, who are mostly more mothers and Housewives. Children eat 4 times a day a variety of foods prepared at home as in restaurants. Children help to prepare meals and serve the table. Fast food and snacks — a taboo. I do not watch cartoons, production of animated cartoons for children under 3 years is prohibited by law. Children on the Playground independent mother just sitting on the bench, and not walk on his heels (like in USA or Russia). Stylish French women dress, they never go out in a tracksuit on the ground (in Russia and USA polls each second in a sports sweat pants). Children are not made to hit (at least on the street and in public places). Children are not accepted to give from infancy into three sections in a row, for example, swimming, dancing and karate at the same time, as is often like to do in the USA and some Russian families. French doctors advise parents to relax and unwind in the upbringing of children. Children are not made often and a lot to buy toys, especially expensive ones. The birth of a child is not accepted to buy all the baby things in a row just in case. Buy only what you need. All children are dressed in style. Educate children with patience. The parents should have its own life separate from the children. What's not to like

Pregnant French women drink and smoke during pregnancy and after childbirth, when breastfeeding my baby. And doctors, they do not prohibit. Breastfeeding to 3 months and go to work. Pass children to the nursery almost in 3-6 months. If the baby screaming — Nevermind, wait for a few minutes and then approach. The child was asleep in bed he is left alone to "shout". Rarely worn on the hands. Learning and assessment in the school is important in life. The teacher each day read out the list of losers, thereby prelyudno humiliating the child. Parents are strict, they are the main in the family, can not argue with 100% obedience. The children produced a fear of parents. Strict discipline in everything. If the child loves him locked in the toilet or the pantry. Well and generally how the authorities relate to children.

  • Pregnant French women pay a subsidy of 150 euros per month from the 4th month. This grant receive up to 18 years of the child, if this is not the first child.
  • If a French couple adopted the orphan authorities pay a monthly 500 euros per month.
Here they are the French. published


Author: Olga Frame


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