TOP 7 ways to quickly relax

Sometimes the forces leave us in the most inopportune moment. For example, there are still far away, and you have already totally broken. Or working day is over, but there is a lot of household chores that can neither be cancelled nor postponed. What to do in this case? We offer several ways to restore your energy potential!

Method 1a Little peace
Give yourself half an hour to be in complete silence and inaction. Can shuttered Windows, turn off the lights or just close your eyes. Make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying down, try to turn off all thoughts and emotions. That is being in silence, you will be able to fairly quickly relax, because your hearing and vision will not have to strain, they are temporarily disabled.

Method 2
Change of activity

If you spent the whole day in front of computer, take charge. If you have the whole day to wander the city on business, lie down and raise your legs up. The most important thing is to engage in the activities that the exact opposite of what you were doing before.

Method 3
Attention to nutrition

There is a list of products that perfectly replenish the supply of energy and gives energy. It's chocolate, green tea, mango, honey. With just one spoon of honey you will feel energized and will be able to do with many things. If you do not want to have an unplanned snack, just chew the cud: the chewing process reduces the level of cortisol in the blood and therefore reduces the level of stress.

Method 4

It can be quite short, no more than 5 minutes, but will restore your strength better than an 8-hour sleep. Sit comfortably, take a posture in which you feel most comfortable. Concentrate on your breathing: take deep breaths and long exhalations. Track your thoughts, but do not think about something specifically. Listen and watch the corner of my eye for all that is happening around, but not focus on it your attention. Eyes can be covered or simply direct view on the horizon.

Method 5

Take absolutely extraneous matter or phenomenon. For example, those who the whole day is among the people useful to watch the clouds or look out the window. Try to mind to count to a hundred and in reverse order. You can recall and read out loud or to yourself, a poem, or sing a song.

Method 6
Accent on feet

On the feet is a huge number of active points, which is why foot massage is a great remedy for the return of vivacity. Ask your husband to massage you feet or use a special massage. Remove the shoes and just walk barefoot, ideally on the ground. And you can take a tennis ball and roll it across the floor alternately with both feet.

Method 7
Water relieves stress

And not only stress, but also fatigue. You can just wash or moisten with cold water wrist. If time permits and circumstances, take a cool shower.published



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