Energy saving practices: Where the force goes?

How do you claim that anyone can do the splits? For this he needs only to relax always clamped the muscles of the legs and hips. And the fact that any person can reach Samadhi – a state of limit concentration, the local little enlightenment? For this he need not do anything... He need only do nothing.

Each time the processor within us provodit a great variety of operations. Your thoughts, views, sounds, tactile, taste and olfactory sensations, emotions – all these are processes consuming resources, consuming energy. These processes may have different power – on light and pleasant thoughts takes a little effort, but the chronic troubles or unsolved problems ache like a sore tooth, and is constantly taking power – the person feels physically exhausted... thoughts.

Our body is one with the mind, and the whole machine works together, as one. Sandwiched thoughts generate muscle stiffness – where you saw forever is sandwiched a busy person who would be happy and free in their judgments? In turn, there is feedback. To relax the muscles, release some clips in my head. But it always works best parallel action on both.

For example, yoga by definition is designed to promote relaxation, a deep study of the body and removal of clamps. However, if we look at one hundred percent of the schools of yoga in Russia and Europe, what will we see? In addition to classes, yoga for students consists of the following essential attributes like pleasant music, Indian motifs of the paintings on the walls, the smell of incense and other entourage. The atmosphere sets the mood may be, you say? Creates, but how to achieve the consciousness exercises, one pointedness of consciousness, absence of all thoughts while doing asanas, if there are so many unnecessary irritants??

It turns out the opposite – instead of listening only to your breathing and heart rate – the best music – and present consciousness is only in the running poses, we get from the sea of external stimuli – visual, auditory, variety, diverting energy and distracting us from the purposes of learning. Where is the stay forces in concentration, cognitive development, immersing herself in?

Yoga is just one example, perhaps one of the most vivid. Such examples are many, and they are all different illustrations tell the same story: when you do something, do it. Reading – read, love – love and leaving go. Joke. published

Author: Andrew Nordbon



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