What was stolen?

Probably, the artist must feel a sense of pride and satisfaction, even when his work stealing. Mean value, is considered a masterpiece. However, it is sure that the Norwegian artist Jan Christensen thinks so now. On Sunday night, his painting «Relativ verdi» (relative value) was stolen from an exhibition hall gallery MGM in Oslo.
Unknown aficionados creativity Christensen broke the window and took away a canvas on which the artist stuck a thousand bills in denominations of one hundred euros ($ 1 = NOK6.1). As it turned out, the picture has already been bought by a married couple of collectors and gallery was in the last days. Christensen's work was insured, so much damage artist and gallery owners have not suffered. Remains unanswered question - what was stolen in the gallery MGM: money or a work of art?

via Drugoi


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