Popular ways of cheating tourists (7 photos)

Abroad, you can not visit the haunts of vice, not to get drunk and to comply with all safety regulations, but the scammers can wait for you, even when you are just walking. Today we tell about some of the most popular ways of cheating tourists on the street.

Eschew helpers

Almost all Asian countries should only foreigner to leave the train or bus or simply deploy the street map, as there is a crowd around helper - those who offer all kinds of help: help with luggage, ride in a car, find a hotel or to carry out the sights. As a rule, nothing good comes out of it. If you agree that you have taken to the hotel, you will be informed that the booked hotel was closed, but fortunately, the driver knows "a good place," which, of course, would be disgusting and unnecessarily expensive. If you are looking for a well-known temple, you will be told that he was being restored or already closed, but for a small fee you are organizing a tour of the city (which, most likely, will take place mainly through the shops friends "benefactor"), and the porter, agreeing to a one amount, then will demand several times more, claiming that he called the price per sack separately. So it is better to stay away from such individuals, nothing good from them should not wait. The most annoying that sometimes some people are ready to really help totally disinterested.

Do not take gifts

Do it and nimble little secret, or kambodzhiyki Chinese women in Asia and Africans in Europe, and even the Bulgarians in their own country: next to you suddenly arises personality and quickly throws flower garland around the neck or on the hand braided ties a bracelet. Even if you do something quick to mutter about a gift, you know that ten meters you will begin to extort money for it, so it's best to try to immediately get rid of the show. Another variation of this fraud is found in Thailand. In some popular temple to the girl for you and offers seeds to feed the pigeons (supposedly, it brings happiness), and says that it's free. And then you fit its "relative" and states that you have the goods, but not paid. His impressive menacing forces you agree to buy food at a fantastic price. This fraud has another ending: while you are distracted by bickering with young digger around you is going to a large crowd of onlookers, and you do not notice how some of them climb to you in a bag.

Do not believe the "artists»

Very often on the streets of Chinese tourists to approach young people and say they are budding artists and around the corner from them the personal exhibition, and admission is free, it's just nice, if they are foreigners will glance. Those who dare to support the young painter, an excursion to any gateway where the banal souvenir shop. There you immediately pounce crowd of traders, and get rid of them without buying anything, it will be very easy.

Do not spare the "victims»

So many ways to come up with money to beggars beg. Everyone knows about the pseudo-disabled, women with "hungry" infants and other pathetic characters. And in Portugal, on the main street trying to lure cash from tourists a different way: you fit and well dressed people and good English said that he stole all the money, so you could not help him a little bit. The expectation is that you will meet not more dirty beggar, as a fellow traveler, thinking that too can be in this situation.

Do not trust the "Police»

In Egypt, Turkey or any Asian country, you can approach the police and say that you have committed some violation: not crossed the street, where permitted, a walk on the lawn or garbage thrown by an urn - in general, committed some offense, for which it is in this state relies huge fine or even imprisonment. Of course, a small (compared with a penalty) bribe to help settle the matter peacefully. The fact that tourists often do not know how to look real policeman, so cheaters cheat travelers rites at any carnival costume.

Do not give passports

Alas, extort money and can present the police in any of the Asian countries: on the street, at the train station, the airport or any other place you fit the guardian of order (or, again, the fraudster presented as such), and requests documents for verification. Then he had a long and carefully examines all, clicked his tongue disapprovingly, and finally said that should "break" you on the basis of lies and your documents through the door any room. Then you will approach another person and tell you that you are in the "black list", and would therefore have to buy. You may be able to get out if you start actively swear and require the Russian consul, but many do not want trouble and pay extortionists.

Do not take photos of strangers

This can happen in Egypt: for you to a cute girl and asks her to take a picture on the background of the sights. But you should only pick up a camera, as it dissolves in the crowd, and in its place there is another man yelling that you stole his technique. After a moment, you're already holding the sleeve policeman who vividly depicts that the further you go into the dreadful dungeons of Egypt for many years. Of course, the conflict can be settled by paying some "compensation" to all those present. If you like to take pictures of people, then it should be done very carefully, too. For example, you have photographed colorful tattooed African Americans in the US, and then they can come to you and inform you that they did not want it, so you have to give each a hundred dollars.


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