One of the most striking eco-technologies

Vertical gardening system is one of the most popular eco-technologies, which, in addition to its environmental friendliness, and even visual and aesthetic solution for the interior. A vivid example – VitaScene closed cycle of water supply and photomodule with custom irrigation a total area of 9.5 square meters, set in one of the maternity hospitals of St. Petersburg.

"This is one of our favorite projects showing the flexibility of the technology of vertical gardening and our workshop, — shares his experience Director of Studio Rastenia Asya Anistratenko. — Location of living walls in the "Green room" came up with the whole working group: the representatives of the maternity hospital, the designers and managers RaStenia. The initial idea is to mimic the Italian court assumed that the plants would sink rectangular opening in the partition. But Piestany – design is opaque, it is the decision deprived the design of the necessary lightness."

Then the specialists came up with and hand produced in his workshop decorative tapestry for the opening. Then the composition is added is specially manufactured for this project, elements of balustrades, plastic, painted by hand under the tree and pillars of modern materials.

Installation and planting works on the upper frieze was made at the height of 4 meters. But a container of water hung did not dare. So one of the columns took on the role of irrigation reservoir. To do this, it had to hollow out the inside so that it was placed on the pump. Level gauge shows to the attendants, to what point to add water. Hidden conduits feed suspension design for runoff of excess water. A number of climbing plants on wall unites the two parts of the floral arrangements.published



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