How to build a versatile and warm beds

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This year I could not resist and decided to grow tomatoes in the open ground, moreover, that on this subject, I ask a lot of questions. But, as you know, to take the case without proper training, I certainly could not. The phase I low and loamy, so it was decided to build specifically for tomatoes and peppers with eggplant warm, high beds.

Trifles did not and swung just ten beds of size 4000×60х30см.


For the main material chose the edged inch of a width of 15cm. Racks square tube 2×2 cm For arcs rod in 8mm

Attention, in the process of operation had some constructive work, and that is to connect the strut rod, otherwise the beds bursting, especially when growing carrots.

Cut the planks to size and treated it with antiseptic. Square profile and rod are still at the metal asked to cut accordingly, the profile at 50cm, and the rod is 2.5 meters.

Acquired roofing screws on 50mm 350шт. and was ready to start to build the beds.

Marked out the area with tape and twine, stuck the pegs in the future the edges of garden beds and already wanted to start to build first, as realized, in the spring deep in the mud that would be problematic and unlikely to be able to meet the required precision, in addition, the need to use additional assistants for various support.

Therefore, quickly dismissed the option of building the beds in the place, and decided to gather them in the yard and ready to move the plot and stick into place.


Already in the manufacture of the ends realized, as was right. On the bench made a small adjustment of the slats, which allows you to quickly and accurately profile and put it on the face of the Board.

So without any helpers for 4 hours and collected all twenty ends.

However, used two drills, one pre-drilled hole drill bit for 4mm, and the other've been screwing the screws. All the ends are turned smooth and are exactly the same.


Further left to the ends screwed to the side boards and the center column.

It turned out to be easy, if on the floor or long Board to tighten the two straps, are strictly under 90gradusov and the distance between them on the length of the side boards.

It now remains to put the two side to the priest, pinning them to strips and have the top easily install side plates. Then flip the design and also from above to tighten the remaining two boards.

Privertyvaem Central Stoics and the garden bed is ready.

A small addition that would make it easier screwed Central Stoics, to the one Board it is better to fasten on the floor in advance, then the second she privertyvajutsja easy with a little support.


Thus, the bed can be collected even one, but two of us to do it much faster.

So over the weekend my son and I assembled and installed all ten beds together with arcs.

About arc also mention separately. Bending them out of the bar better template that easy to do from screwed along the arc of the screws or nails hammered.

Equally bent arc and look and set better.


So the beds are in place. I have arranged them from East to West, necessarily aligned on the level, preferably all in one, if not the slopes. I have a slope, so four beds in one level and six in the other, below.

Now our garden should be well and correctly fill in layers to the desired substrate.

On the lower leaves of branches, all from the harvesting areas, except for inorganic waste, then compost and top soil from the garden, if the installation is on the old patch, we can remove the soil in the boundaries, and then move it to the top.


These garden beds are easy to install directly into the turf, not doing tedious digging.


And finally, the most important of cost. I have the cost of one of the beds made up 900рублей, including covering material. A lot or a little you to consider. Shelf life 10 years in the area, and that means ten years is not necessary every year to build the beds out of the ground to make paths and to do extra weeding between and at the sides.About productivity I will not say, see papandrea. Yes, today any hobby requires investment, most importantly, to have fun to engage in a favorite pastime exceeded the unwillingness to pay the costs.


All spring mood and light yields. Watch the video: How to build a versatile and warm, the beds... posted

Author: Valery Medvedev

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