Kidneys hurt... fear

How to extend the life of the kidneys, as I have chronic pyelonephritis and multiple cysts within the kidney?", "I was diagnosed with kidney stones. What are the treatment options?", What methods of prevention of kidney disease is most effective?" It would seem, absolutely different, distant from each other diagnoses. But they share the "source" point. The fact is that the kidneys are sick... from fear.

The modern medicine is one of the main causes of kidney disease considers the infection that entered either in the urinary system of the patient, or "living" in other organs, and adversely affects the kidneys. But this raises the question: why do some patients this infection "catch", and others who are with them in the same conditions remain healthy? Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. But the internal condition of the people — at all different. The healers found out that the reason that weaken the immune system and opening the entrance of infection are the fears and deep emotions.


The main function of the kidneys is to create a powerful filter that cleans almost all the fluids of the human body, but first of all it's blood.

From the kidneys depends on the purity of the human body. But if we consider the orga-nism as an integral structure, it is easy to follow and the feedback of the kidneys with all the others, and not only adjacent, organs. The activity and purity of the kidney depends on the state of body and soul. Happy and light on the soul, the body mobile and active kidney function, fun, the liquid does not accumulate. Another thing, if "menu" soul sadness, grief and depression, and the body stiffens in tension and fear. Freeze and kidneys along with the entire body take less liquid.

The kidney is an amazing organ performing its function at the interface of the human inner world and outer space. Its mission is to permanently impact the environment of excess metabolism. And this impact is not only on the gross physical level, but also in the form of "subtle energy components. Well, the relationship of energy with the psychic functions is beyond doubt. It turns out that if a person in psychological terms begins to close, make out or — even worse! — to accumulate deposits of emotions and not to splash reak-tion, the stagnation in the kidney is provided.

Conclusion: the future Pasechnik — one who does not reveal himself nor for any man (or woman), nor a specialist, neither as a friend nor. just as a person.

What causes a person to clamp and prevent your internal stress to the kidneys? Anxiety and the oppressive care and anxiety, worry and, of course, fears. Fear paralyzes the will, particularly strongly acting on the adrenal glands, which produce hormones, and creates a disharmony of the whole organism.

Moreover, the main fear of humanity is the fear of change. Some fear that change will come, others say they will never come. Fear of change, in turn, creates a fear of loss.

Fear of loss keeps a person in suspense. The fear of losing a wallet, money, life makes a person never throw anything out, and to save. Then the body stiffens in the position accumulate and hoard. Saves energy, removes toxins poorly, appear constipation, and newevidence toxins poisoning the entire body. Here it is — the locking mechanism of the kidneys.

What are urolithiasis? Any stone formation is a metabolic process. But where does it come from?

Here is the opinion of the folk healer: "If a person is a stumbling block both for themselves and for others, there are formed stones." In psychological terms this person is a stubborn dogmatist, firmly adhering to his philosophy, despite the obvious rigidity of his prejudices. Energy-informational processes of such a person is slow and viscous, and this viscosity is first formed "tube" and clots is a delicate matter, and then they are deposited building materials on the physical plane.

Attitude for a negative perception of the world, the search for enemies and create conflict cultivate the conditions for negative interactions with the world. If the person is stressed, he expects the people around them attacks, power attacks and defeats itself. The energy field ceases to protect him, in the field there are holes-holes. Man always finds what he is looking for. If a person is looking for enemies, then they appear. If a person is looking for conflict, he either creates it himself, or gets in a conflict situation, both consciously and unconsciously. All this contributes to sustainable fear.

The fastest and most radical method to get rid of fear is to go right at him in their inner feelings. Like when you stand on the tower and are afraid to jump in the water. Fear persists, while trembling and not moving. But it is necessary to jump down, directly on fear — from fear does not remain also a trace, and liberated there comes the pleasure of new sensations.

Mental purification is another method of healing the kidneys. First, to relieve stress relaxation: sit comfortably in a calm atmosphere to relax your body and observe the thoughts that bother you. With slow and deep breathing with delays on each exhale let go of, dissolve (like sugar in water) negative thoughts and replace them with a positive attitude. An example of such replacement. Instead of: "I'm tired of sickness" — say to yourself: "I Have a lot of efforts to become healthy."

Instead of: "I'm better" — "I can do it, I can do that!". Try to search options, the most acceptable to you, causing you positive emotions. At the same time pay attention to the lower back, lower back and stomach were relaxed. Sometimes it takes time, but the results will pay for these costs with a vengeance. published

Author: Elena Valevskaya

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