Back pain and bowels: what's the connection?

Back pain related to bowel, it is localized mainly in the upper lumbar region and may arise and disappear depending on the digestive activity. Of all the internal organs of the intestines more than any other is associated with acute or chronic lumbar pain.

Smooth muscles of the intestine may remain spazmirovannah for many hours and then relax for no apparent reason. If such violations of the ileum becomes more sensitive the corresponding division of the spinal cord.
Reduced the threshold of the lumbar paravertebral muscles, ie they tend to easy reduction. A sharp lumbar pain can occur even with a slight force.


Our clinical experience shows that the provoking factor can be the situation when the patient says: "I picked up a match off the floor". Nevertheless, the doctors of traditional medicine is often linked to this type of pain with physical effort and prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs irritate the intestinal mucosa and trigger a vicious circle, which explains persistent lumbar pain in the absence of objective evidence of disc disease.published

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