Recipes of traditional medicine to enhance immunity

Recipes of traditional medicine to enhance immunity

1.300 g shelled walnuts, 300 g dried apricots 300 g of raisins and 3 lemon zest mince and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Take 1 dining room (adults) and 1 teaspoon (children) per day. Better in the morning on an empty stomach or before lunch, an hour before meals. Can be taken at night. Store in the refrigerator.

There is such variant: to Take 1 glass of walnuts, raisins and dried apricots and 1 lemon (without peel). All mince and add 1 Cup of honey, mix well. Someone adds more figs to taste. This tool is very tasty and most importantly – useful.

2.Mix 100 g peeled ground walnuts, 100g grated peeled apples, juice of 2 lemons, 1 tablespoon of honey. Take the composition of a tablespoon (teaspoon for children) 2-3 times a day before meals. Store in the refrigerator.

3.Spring for 3 weeks, take any fresh juices red: beet, cherry, BlackBerry, strawberry, grape, pomegranate, cranberry. In the first week it is recommended to take 1/2 Cup 3 times a day, the second 2 times, third 1 time and the intervals between meals. After 10 days the course may be repeated.

4.Wipe 1 kg of fruits chokeberry with 1, 5 kg of sugar. You can use 3 weeks 1 tbsp. spoon morning and evening.

You can make an infusion: 1 tablespoon of berries in 1 Cup of boiling water to insist in a thermos for 4-5 hours. Once the contents infuse for 20 minutes, close the flask with a stopper.

5. Mash 0.5 kg of cranberries, add a glass of walnut kernels and 2-3 green (preferably winter varieties) Apple with peel, cut into cubes. Add 0.5 cups of water and 0.5 kg of sugar, cook on low heat until comes to a boil, put in jars. Take 1 tbsp. spoon morning and evening, drinking tea.

6. 2 tablespoons of dried berries of mountain ash pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, drain. To drink 0.5 cups 3-4 times daily before meals. Take better with honey, which enhances the healing properties of the ash.

7.The body's defenses can improve vitamin juice, which is recommended to drink at least 0.5 liters per day.

Take herbs: lemon balm, mint, chestnut flowers, fireweed, brew 5 tablespoons in 1 liter of water and leave to infuse for 2 hours.

Take cranberry, currant, viburnum, cherry, strawberry, or any other local fruit (dry or frozen), cook compote in 2 litres of water for 10 minutes.

Add to the compote strained decoction of herbs, bring to boil, add honey to taste.published


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