The unique properties of coconut water

Nowadays health problems and excess weight – a common occurrence, and means of struggle which are sorely lacking modern man. Experts agree: proper nutrition and exercise will help you to survive in the struggle for good health and prolong youth. Take the battle coconut water – it will help You to win!

Low in calories, contains no fat and cholesterol, rich in potassium coconut water, which is beautiful regidratanty, has more cards to play. Marketers have dubbed coconut water sports drink of Mother nature who literally rake the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. What is this another publicity stunt or really solid information? Let's deal with it.

What is coconut water? How is it different from coconut milk? Natural refreshing coconut water has a sweet nutty flavor. It contains easily digestible carbohydrates provided in the form of sugar and electrolytes. Don't confuse coconut water with coconut milk or oil because it is a transparent liquid, which is extracted from young green coconuts.
The content of sodium and calories in coconut water less than in sports drinks, but more potassium in it (if it is natural water without additives of sugar and juices).

Useful properties of coconut water for the human body1. Coconut water for rehydration of the body. This refreshing drink that was specially created to combat the thirst that provokes tropical heat: a simple sugar, electrolytes and minerals help to recover from dehydration. As a rule, in tropical regions it is offered to patients who have lost a lot of fluid due to diarrhoea.

2. Coconut water for youth and beauty. Cytokines, which are rich in coconut water can slow the aging of the human body and reduce the risk of formation of blood clots, age-related diseases and even cancer. Lauric acid, also contained in coconut water acts as a shield the skin from exposure to adverse environmental factors, accelerates the healing of minor wounds and helps to preserve youthful skin. Therefore, coconut water can also be wash.

3. Coconut water for weight loss and cleansing the body. Sulfur-containing amino acid helps remove mercury from the human body. Assistant liver is able to accelerate the elimination of intermediate decay products of ethyl alcohol, making alcohol withdrawal syndrome disappears quickly. In addition to anti-aging, anti-cancer properties and prevent blood clots, ensure the presence of cytokines (e.g., kinetin and TRANS-zeatin) in coconut water, it contains a lot of bioactive enzymes:

  • acid phosphatase;
  • catalase;
  • dehydrogenase;
  • of diastasis;
  • peroxidase;
  • RNA polymerase, etc.
These enzymes help to improve the metabolism and, therefore, more effective to lose weight, less to recover and feel better.

4. Coconut water to strengthen the immune system. Surprisingly, coconut water contains proportionately better composition of minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc, than, for example, oranges. And thanks to the Riboflavin, Niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine and salts of folic acid coconut water is an excellent source of replenishing for the body.

5. Decrease blood pressure with coconut water. In many cases, the electrolyte disturbance may lead to increased blood pressure. Due to the electrolyte composition of coconut water it has a positive effect on blood pressure of a person, so it is recommended to drink at the beginning of each day to adjust the balance of electrolytes.

However, the beneficial properties of coconut water do not end there. It is also interesting that in third world countries (in emergencies) coconut water is also used for quick rehydration of the human body – it is administered intravenously. The fact that coconut water is isotonic to blood plasma, so it can save a person's life in such extreme cases. published


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