Life under water: the ambitious projects of the future

City on the ocean floor to date, we seem to be something unreal. But once science fiction was considered and submarines. Will people in the future to live under the sea line?

Sarli Andre Sarkum in Malaysia demonstrated his project of urban architecture. His seascape — it will float, equipped with power supply system of the skyscraper, most of which is hiding under water. Seascapes were the logical response to climate change and raising the water level in the sea. If people could settle in the sea, it would be a huge step forward, says Sarkum. His "Waterscraper" — a few houses that float. The city, which is not only to use nature but to create it. In the end, under the water can occur the metropolis.

Sarkum is not the only architect who is working on a fantasy underwater life. Several experts at the moment working on creating Autonomous artificial Islands that you can build in the water. The cities could be the answer to some important problems, particularly overpopulation, climate change, the need for power supply.


To implement projects so far can only partially, however, this does not refute the possibility of implementing ideas of the future under water. Skyscrapers — a symbol of insatiable consumption. In modern cities it is possible to notice the harbinger of an environmentally cloudy future.

Other architects also dream about cities in the sea. Project Chinese construction company "CCCC" and the London architectural firm " at " aims to build ocean artificial Islands of the modules. There will be luxury apartments, leisure areas, restaurants, bars, concert halls and theme parks, as well as yacht ports and marinas for submarines. A large part of the complex will be under water. Tone Fan (Tony Fan), the engineer designs in " at ", explains: "Chinese investors want to see an attraction, which is not anywhere else. They are willing to invest the money. And the market is the construction of various fantasies under water — very attractive."

In turn, the Japanese construction concern "Shіmіzu" plans to build Autonomous underwater city. They must independently provide itself with energy and to process sea water. The fish will grow in their own aquaculture. The ambitious project "Ocean Spіral" ("Ocean spiral") is a sphere with a diameter of 500 meters, which will float under water. Transparent walls will pass blue light sea deep into the building. These walls will protect nearly 5 000 people that will be inside. Here they will work and live. This futuristic world class Suite from "Shіmіzu" I want to build for five years. The construction cost is 23 billion euros.

Underwater cities have always been interested in American architects and, in the end, Dutch. Their "Seascraper" is reminiscent of ultra-modern cruise ship. A large part of the structure located under water. Turbines reach depths of 400 meters and use the strong sea currents to create a current. In a wide hole falls the rain — so collect fresh water.

Let's see which of these projects people can actually implement in the near future.



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