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For centuries, people have some traditional entertainment, remaining to this day. For example, enterprises related to food. People like these places, a restaurant on the barricades or in some other areas. How did this term? To deal with this issue, it is necessary to pay attention to the story. Let's try to understand.

©Carl Bloch (1834-90) — In a Roman Osteria

The value slovenly translate from French, the word restaurer means "to strengthen", "restore", "feed". This place, which is:

  • the preparation of food and beverages;
  • their selling.
Visitors come here and eat immediately.

Where there restoranipilet to believe that the first restaurants appeared in China in the thirteenth century. In Hangzhou appeared first venture catering. This city was the center of the country — in political, cultural, economic sense. Then lived there for more than a million inhabitants. People have used paper money, and a developed culture of hospitality. These factors influenced the fact that the restaurant sector has been actively developed. Scientists believe that the ancestor of the restaurant was:

  • tea house;
  • tavern.
In these institutions, the hospitable hosts welcome travelers, offering food and drinks.

Western Strunina West restaurants began to emerge only in the eighteenth century. They prepared and served refreshments which were ordered by the visitor. In our days most of the oldest European restaurants – a place called "Sobrino de Botin". And now the guests can take pleasure in discovering this restaurant in Madrid, entered in the Guinness Book of records. He appeared in 1725-m.

And the concept of "restaurant" people have begun to use in France in 1765-m. the Founder of this institution was a resident of Paris, Boulanger, previously involved in the preparation and sale of soups. Well, in the usual form, the institution was established in 1782-m. Here the visitors were offered separate tables, they enjoyed the menu and posting the dishes did the waiters. Then there were the first restaurant with a summer terrace. In our country the first institution of its kind, was Moscow's "Slavic Bazaar".



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