Weird and wonderful restaurants.

In a world of so many restaurants that each new selection will surprise and impress. And the end-edge of this will not happen. Because, in my estimation, every month on the planet appears dozens of new creative options. And every time they are more wonderful and interesting. Because technology does not stand still. This time we look at the restaurants that are striking in their textural and concept.

ITHAA Maldives

Restaurant in the Maldives, around which float all sorts of different marine tvaryushki. Menu, respectively, also fish. And the name is very much associated with the name Ihtiandra.

RESTROOM Cafe in Los Angeles

Always surprised and shocked by this strange creative. Tasteless same, well, no toilets are not associated with the rise of appetite. Or maybe it's specifically for losing weight? However, the name "dayroom" also describes the strange meaning of design.

Food is served here, too, in particular dishes. Bon appetit, as they say.

Restaurant toilet in Hangzhou

One of my friends went to China, not the one that is advertised in brochures, and in the real China, visited the restaurants under the ground (minus first and ninth floors). And told how polite the Chinese politely belch, slurp, dart noses, eating peppered food shed track greasy soup on the table until the spoon to his mouth drawn from the plate, which stands at the center of the table, blow their noses and do so much more to show how it is delicious. So it is accepted, it is a gesture of polite approval, praise the chef who brought the guest to a state of complete happiness and satisfaction. I can not believe but it's true. For them (the Chinese) are the dietary habits certainly allow gladly take a similar approach to the design of restaurants. It seems that they not only lose their appetite, and even incite him looking at a similar serving.

Cafe Heko

In Vienna, a café, in which domestic cat walk. Standard practice in many cities around the world, is not news for us too. But cats - they are always cats. It is always nice and fresh.

A fast food restaurant in Beirut

Featuring a military warehouse restaurants abound thematic photo, conceptual names on the menu, placards with slogans. Waiters are dressed in military uniforms. Most positive slogan here "sandwich can kill you." Nice, do not say anything. But then again, you want to lose weight, you are welcome, appetite then quickly reduces to almost zero. A pleasure to eat at gunpoint steely gaze of men with guns.


Lovers Are you expensive things, luxury apartments? Enjoy meals in the restaurant of China, which is designed as a salon on board A380.

Cafe, which "brings a heart attack»

In Arizona, you will wear a hospital gown and give into the hands of a huge hamburger. So big and fat that the content of harmful fats transegennyh (unlikely to be pure butter) it promises to bring to a heart attack. However, in an allegorical sense, too: so good that you can fall in love with this mega-bun to a heart attack.

Restaurant with seating in the form of wheelchairs

What's this? Ridicule, training, egalitarianism, inflamed fantasy? Personally, I have a restaurant in Singapore makes you want to donate money to the poor, and go on his way. But not dinner.

Air restaurant

A group of Belgian masters of their craft provides to eat, hovering at a height of 50 meters above the ground. And review, and sweets from the best chefs. And the prices. And fun. It's really inspiring and really beautiful.


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