Kalina is used as in folk medicine

In folk medicine for colds, prolonged hoarseness, chronic bronchitis and cough are widely used a warm decoction of the fruit of viburnum with honey.


Also widely used pureed with sugar fresh fruits of viburnum, they are recommended for hypertensive diseases, nervous agitation, and atherosclerosis.

Infusions and decoctions of dried fruits are used in pulmonary tuberculosis, ascites, asthma, cholecystitis, diarrhea, colitis, and hepatitis. In cosmetology and dermatology using the fresh juice of the fruit of viburnum with impetigo, psoriasis, age spots on the face, and vasculitis of childhood eczema.

The most frequently used in folk medicine, the flowers and fruits of viburnum. Water decoction of the viburnum fruit based drink for colds, shortness of breath, persistent cough, stomach diseases and multiple sclerosis. A decoction of the viburnum helps with eczema, diathesis and other skin diseases, it is harmless very good tool for the kids, give them to drink this decoction, and bathe in it children. Berries with seeds, well help with hypertension and heart disease. It is a natural remedy used in the case of dyspnea, diseases of the kidneys, stomach, and as a diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory. And brewed with honey, berries will help to ease the unpleasant sensation of pain during the menstrual cycle.

How to make tea with viburnum

Viburnum berries considered a good diaphoretic, sedative and diuretic. You only need to make tea with viburnum, which will not only delicious, but incredibly useful!

Method of preparation: one tablespoon of fruit brew Cup of boiling water and take 0.5 Cup 3 times daily after meals, for taste you can add honey.published


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