30 illustrations, confirming that “the world has gone mad”

Pawel Kuczynski -talented Polish artist, known for his satirical illustrations about modern society. Each drawing, he carefully thinks through and tries to make make as much sense. Sixty eight million four hundred seventy one thousand seven hundred eighty nine

Twenty five million two hundred ninety seven thousand eight hundred thirty eight


Sixty six million eight hundred fifty nine thousand seven hundred fifty one


Thirty five million two hundred forty five thousand four hundred sixteen

Eleven million seventy three thousand one hundred eleven

Seven million one hundred sixty four thousand two hundred eighty one

Ninety one million seven hundred thirty seven thousand seven hundred ninety one

Fifty eight million three hundred ninety thousand three hundred twenty two

Seventy five million eight hundred eight thousand seven hundred ninety four

Seventy one million seven hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred forty six

Twenty million seven hundred eleven thousand six hundred ninety one

Eighty two million seven hundred four thousand seven hundred twenty two

Eighty five million nine thousand six hundred ninety eight

Four million eight hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred eighty five

Eighty three million three hundred three thousand five hundred ninety five

Thirty one million five hundred thirty three thousand eight hundred ninety seven

Eight million forty eight thousand six hundred fifty

Five million seven hundred four thousand five hundred eight

Eight million five hundred forty nine thousand three hundred forty three

Seventy one million eight hundred one thousand thirty three

Forty eight million ninety seven thousand four hundred fifty six

Nineteen million seven hundred seventy five thousand seven hundred twelve

Eighty four million seven hundred ninety nine thousand one hundred forty three

Seventy six million twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty seven

Eighty six million six thousand five hundred seventy two

Sixty million six hundred seventy thousand four hundred sixty eight

Sixty two million eight hundred fifteen thousand six hundred twenty five

Twenty nine million two hundred twenty seven thousand forty eight

Fifty eight million nine hundred fifty two thousand nine hundred eighty


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


Source: say-hi.me/vdohnovenie/30-illyustracij-podtverzhdayushhix-chto-mir-soshel-s-uma.html


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