6 errors due to which you do not lose weight

If you lead a fairly active lifestyle, regularly are engaged in fitness and have no medical problems causing obesity are likely that you do not lose weight due to malnutrition. Most people allow in their diet following 6 errors.

1. Starve many people are beginning to struggle with excess weight with a sharp reduction in Colorada. In fact, it looks like a meager Breakfast and lunch... and plans on low-calorie dinner often cravotta, because the body requires its own. As a result, the eating before bed. This tactic is particularly harmful if the reduction of the diet coincides with the beginning of training and then evening hunger is stronger, and the training is incomplete without a sufficient supply. The right tactic is not to starve, but to organize your diet, make it more rational. Eat enough calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and distribute food so that the greater part of to eat for Breakfast and less for dinner. It is also desirable in the first half of the day to eat more carbohydrates, and the second protein.

2. Is there anywhere do Not have to calculate all calories that you consume per day, but you need to have at least a General idea of the volume and composition of your diet. And if there is, anywhere — on the go, in front of the computer or TV, driving in the car to follow. It's probably a donut, consumed on the run, was not taken into account. Very often these are unaccounted for meals and turn into extra pounds, from which so hard to get rid of. To avoid this error, discipline yourself there at a certain time in a certain place — it is advisable for a normal full table, and focused on the monitor, or even reading books. The only way you will be able to keep his power under his complete control.

3. Is when I got This error interlinked with the previous one. There should not only be in a certain place, but in a certain time, preferably every 3 hours. If you discipline yourself to such a schedule, it is very likely that I will soon begin to see how, go the extra pounds. And all because the meal at the right time not only helps to monitor their diet, but also accelerates the metabolism. In addition, if you do not make big breaks between meals, you will not experience feelings of hunger, which is deceptive and leads to overeating.

4. Don't track the food you will Later be able to do this automatically, but at first, weight loss is not in vain suggest you keep a food diary. If you will be there at a certain time in a certain place, to do it easily. Just get a notebook or install on your smartphone a special application, and carefully write down everything that you eat. Check the calorie content of food, — information on the different food products available on the Internet. Thus you will discover many interesting things: 'll find that many of the products that are advertised as diet, in fact are not. Or learn what to eat during the day much less protein and much more carbohydrates than you think. Taking food under your full control, you can be sure that it has a huge impact on your weight and shape.

5. There is not enough protein Lack of protein foods in your own diet find many people who begin to carefully monitor their diet. Meanwhile, protein — based diet for weight loss, but also a compulsory component for those who are working to build muscles. Finally, proteins are just essential for the proper functioning of the body. Why do proteins lose weight? The mechanism is quite simple: the body consumes energy regardless of how much food was eaten. And proteins are usually lower in calories but require more energy for assimilation. That is, eating proteins, you get less calories, but your body will have to spend more resources on their learning. But the learned go into the muscles, not the fat — as it would be from the same carbohydrate foods.

6. Fear of fat makes you Fat, of course, not only from carbs but also from fats. However, the complete refusal from them is another common mistake of those who begin to lose weight. To unsubscribe from fat in any case impossible, especially women! Without this important component of food disrupted the normal functioning of the body, and also damaged skin and hair. What is needed is to understand which fats are beneficial and which are harmful, and to expunge from your diet last. Feel free to give up junk food — chips, chocolate bars, ice cream and similar food. But don't be afraid of these healthy fats rich foods like nuts, olive oil, avocado and oily fish. Fat is not evil and does not need to be afraid! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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