10 original ideas to use the molds for ice

When it comes to drinks, think of the obvious solution – pieces of ice. However, the fact that the ice molds are used for water, does not mean that they cannot be used for other, more original ingredients!1. Coffee

Ninety million one hundred sixty two thousand six hundred twenty five

Try to freeze coffee, and then add coffee ice cubes in milk you get a delicious cocktail!

2. Wine

Twenty eight million three hundred ninety six thousand one hundred fifty one

If you have leftover wine, freeze it. A nice additive, for example, to the sangria.

3. Peach puree

Sixty six million seven hundred forty two thousand eight hundred twenty six

A bright and tasty addition to any dessert.

4. Slices of watermelon

Fifty million two hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred eighty one

For this natural ice, even the mold is not needed.

5. Frozen flowers

Eight million two thousand seven hundred five

Romantic evening this will become even more enjoyable.

6. Chocolate-covered strawberries

Eighteen million seven hundred forty eight thousand eight hundred forty six

It really is the most delicious that you could ever try!

7. Juice red orange

Twenty nine million one hundred sixteen thousand four hundred seventeen

Give your favorite beverages a citrus aroma.

8. Grated fruit

Sixty nine million four hundred eighty two thousand nine hundred twenty nine

Bright component for lovers of cocktails and smoothies.

9. Chocolate

Eighty nine million five hundred thirty four thousand six hundred twenty eight

With the addition of milk to get a delicious chocolate shake.

10. Lime juice and mint

Sixty two million seven hundred forty thousand five hundred thirty two

Most for homemade mojitos.published 


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