ASTON MARTIN plans to issue 800-horsepower electric car

The English automaker is going to compete with Tesla to produce an electric version of the Aston Martin Rapide in the next two years. New electric car will have a capacity of 800 horsepower, all-wheel drive and a range of travel on a single charge up to 320 kilometers. In addition, it is also planned to create an electric version of the Aston Martin DBX.


Executive Director of Aston Martin Andy Palmer confirmed that his company is working on electric car Rapide. Was already conducted road tests of the test version of the electric car.

Electric Rapide will not replace the regular version with the internal combustion engine, and will be sold parallel to it. The electric car will most likely remain a niche product with sales of less than a thousand units per year due to high prices: from 200 to 250 thousand dollars. Palmer said the model will focus on high performance.

"I think the opportunity to race it on the race track will interest you much more than slow and boring riding on the road," he said in an interview with Automotive News.

Palmer previously mentioned electric Rapide. Aston Martin is developing this model in partnership with an unnamed company in Silicon valley, but Palmer argued that it is not Tesla.

"If you want to continue to produce V12 engines, you will need to do something on the opposite end of the spectrum," said Palmer on the question of the strategy of the company.

The new Rapide is just a first step in the "electrification" of the company. At the moment Aston Martin is also working on three versions of DBX (electric, hybrid and internal combustion engine) is a crossover concept which was showcased at the Geneva motor show 2015. published

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