Aston Martin One-77. Small wholesale

Supercars are as unique machine, the only one of its kind and it is this exclusive rich valued customers above all else. But only if you do not there is a speech about the Middle East luxury car lovers. According to TopSpeed, an Arab buyer immediately bought ten (!) Aston Martin One-77. Recall that the series of this brand is limited to 77 copies. Most likely, the sheikh decided to bestow once all his large family. It's hard to imagine the surprise of managers Aston Martin, when they did such a large order. But a check for $ 23 million certainly resulted in a sense of stunned sellers. But continues TopSpeed, maybe it's not the most amazing event in the practice of Aston Martin. they have to deal with a very strange customers: for example, recently one customer wanted to buy two cars. One to ride, and another to hang it on the wall (I wonder how?) As a work of art.


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